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How to Use QuestionDB to Create SEO Content With an AI Article Writer

Note: This article is part of our Keyword Research to Publishable Content series. Each guide in this series walks through keyword research with a different tool, then how to use AI to write entire, high-quality articles with that information.  We chose QuestionDB because it offers a free version that allows you to quickly conduct keyword […]

Who Should Use Article Generation AI?

Article generation AI refers to the machine learning models that power tools like Article Forge. More specifically, Article Forge is an AI article writer that uses machine learning models to create entire long form pieces of content, like articles or blog posts with the click of a button.  It is important to understand that article […]

The Google Keyword Planner Content Strategy Growth Hack

Google Keyword Planner is not a tool primarily designed for SEO content creators.  However, the good news is that its functionality and depth make it an excellent free option for conducting keyword research. The even better news is that this is an underutilized keyword strategy that will help you get ahead of the competition by […]

Where AI Writing Assistants Fall Short

AI has been creeping into many industries and is already making big impacts. In the marketing and SEO content industry, AI writing assistants are looking to do the same. These products like Rytr, Copy, Grammarly, and many others, seek to make the lives of writers and marketing professionals easier. While these tools are making a […]

Turn Google Trends Data into Publishable Content with Article Generation AI

Keyword research is widely regarded as the first step in any successful SEO content strategy.  But for many people, this is a daunting step that seems technical, time-consuming, and expensive. And unfortunately, keyword research usually leads to even more time, effort, and money spent creating the actual content.  But, this brief and actionable guide will […]

How to Create 1,500+ Word Articles Automatically with an AI Writer

Article Forge is the only tool that can generate high-quality 1,500+ word articles automatically.  Without getting into the technical details, this is possible because Article Forge researches your keywords and plans out the full structure of each article - from section topics to the talking points for each paragraph - before it even starts writing. […]

Article Forge Update: Increased Accuracy, Organization, and Length

Today, we are excited to announce a major update that helps Article Forge write more accurate, less repetitive, and more organized text of all lengths. Along with these major quality improvements, Article Forge is now the only AI writer that can create 1,500+ word articles with section headings… all completely automatically. Check out this video […]

What is an AI article writer?

What is an AI Article Writer?

Like almost every other industry, the writing industry has been turned on its head by a wealth of AI tools aiming to make the process more precise, refined, and efficient. With all the different AI-powered writing tools out there, it’s essential to understand their differences and where each excels. An AI article writer like Article […]

AI article writers will hijack freelance writing trends

How will AI article writers hijack freelance writing trends?

Since the blossoming of the internet, the way we communicate is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Rapid globalization and the rise of ever more sophisticated technology has made communication much easier in many ways, but has made some methods of communication much more complicated. The world of SEO content marketing is one such complication - […]

Using AI to write articles for SEO

Why Using AI to Write Articles Makes a Strong On-page SEO Strategy

With the growing presence of the internet in people’s lives, it’s becoming more and more important for businesses to use the internet to communicate information about their products and brand to the public. This information is packaged into content and can take many different forms and serve many different purposes. It could be anything from […]