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Is using an AI article writer more efficient than hiring a freelancer?

Is an AI Article Writer More Efficient Than a Freelancer?

It’s a question that’s becoming more and more difficult to ignore as artificial intelligence technology continues to improve. While there will always be naysayers and old-schoolers, companies that want to get the most bang for their buck from their online content will likely turn to AI to write articles for them.  These AI article writers, […]

Declining Value of Freelance Writers

The Declining Value of Freelance Writers

An undeniable fact of the internet age is that the world is getting smaller. As the world becomes more online, we become more connected, more familiar. We get to see more of the lives of others than ever before, and we can interact with them in unprecedented ways. In fact, for certain businesses, the nature […]

SEO Content Strategy: Short vs. Long Tail Keywords

If you’re a content manager tasked with search engine optimization (SEO), you need to be aware of the difference between short and long-tail keywords and the distinct benefits and drawbacks of each. One great thing this knowledge gives us is an elegant and effective SEO content strategy. This article will first briefly explain the difference […]

Increase Efficiency with an AI Article Generator

Use an Article Generator AI to Produce More Effective Content

Article Generator AI is an increasingly popular category of tools within the digital marketing industry. In an age of search engine optimization, Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), algorithm cracking, AI content generators have disrupted the industry. Capable of producing SEO-friendly content in a matter of minutes, these solutions have offered content managers a new world of […]

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Does a Writing Bot Produce Good Content?

Within the digital marketing world, the presence of artificially intelligent writing bots has revolutionized the way we generate content. These artificially intelligent tools have been subject to rave reviews and snarky criticisms by both enterprise and small-sized businesses. Few answer the most crucial question through the hundreds of articles and critiques: do writing bots produce […]

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Does an AI Writer Really Work?

Like something out of a science fiction movie, artificial intelligence has gained a sizable role in many industries, including healthcare, technology, and logistics. In the content creation sector, AI has carved out its own place as well. A blossoming industry, AI writing has yet to make its mainstream entrance. As a result, project managers and […]

4 Things to Consider When Using an Artificial Intelligence Writer

While artificially intelligent writing solutions have grown in popularity over the past few years, the industry as a whole remains highly volatile and rapidly changing. As a result, no two engines are the same; currently, there is a vast range in the prices, capabilities, features, and focuses of content creators. A daunting market to navigate, […]

Will An AI Article Writer Replace A Copywriter?

Will an AI Article Writer Replace a Copywriter?

Already used in industries like finance and retail, artificial intelligence has proven to be a transformative solution for businesses of all kinds. Within the copywriting realm, AI text generators allow users to create content with the click of a button. Content generation tools can create SEO-friendly content, headlines, product descriptions, articles, and more, depending on […]

Save Time and Money with AI Writers

Save Time and Money with AI Writers

AI writing is a cutting-edge technology that can have a direct impact on your content production. Capable of producing both engaging and SEO-friendly content, AI writing generators can be used as a helpful tool for copywriters - or used to completely replace them.  In this article, we will discuss AI writers, their benefits, and how […]

Article Forge 3.0 Announcing Accurate AI Content Generation

Article Forge 3.0: A Major Breakthrough in Accurate AI Content Generation

Everyone knows that content is the cornerstone of any strong SEO strategy. But manually creating enough content yourself is simply impossible and hiring and managing writers is time-consuming and can be extremely expensive.  Recently, forward strides in AI content generation have begun to offer a third, more efficient option. And here at Article Forge, we […]