AI writing is a cutting-edge technology that can have a direct impact on your content production. Capable of producing both engaging and SEO-friendly content, AI writing generators can be used as a helpful tool for copywriters - or used to completely replace them. 

In this article, we will discuss AI writers, their benefits, and how they can save you time and money.

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What is an AI Content Generator?

An AI Content Generator is a software application that uses artificial intelligence, specifically machine learning models to create original content in seconds.

AI content writers utilize deep learning to generate natural content, including headlines, articles, and more. Trained with millions, if not billions, of documents and written materials, content generators utilize learned patterns to fluently write new copy. Advanced solutions are capable of creating engaging written content of all lengths - including phrases, paragraphs, and long-form copy. 

Operating like neurons firing in a brain, deep learning models use predictive modeling based upon the documents they learned from. Breakthrough solutions, like Article Forge, are going so far as to leverage mechanisms to adhere to a set of facts and rules; in doing so, the AI article writer can produce more factually accurate copy on a more consistent basis. 

What are the benefits of AI Writers?

While every AI writing tool is unique, there are obvious benefits that deserve some highlighting:

Increased productivity and output

It's the most obvious benefit, AI tools can generate content quicker than any human. As a result, content managers can predictably produce significantly more content over a given period. Unlike human copywriters, artificially intelligent writers can provide a copy in a matter of minutes. Hastening the traditional back-and-forth between writers and managers, AI writers allow users to shorten their turnaround times.

Increased productivity and output

In addition to productivity, operations can improve their SEO ranking and drive more traffic with AI-generated copy. For example, users can focus on longtail topics and hyperlocal terms to improve SEO authority and give their readers a more personalized and tailored experience. With proper planning, AI writing tools can even be used to rapidly scale up content production — all without having to hire more writers. Improving output and SEO authority, AI writers can grow their brand’s outreach and push traffic towards their webpage.

More content produced at a greater rate means more time and capital is available for other priorities. AI writing not only increases productivity for content development but allows for more time to improve other aspects of your business.

Saved money, increased profits

Perhaps a little too obvious, content writers are significantly more expensive than AI writers. With a huge range of tools and features, AI content writers offer an inexpensive solution to hiring internal or external writers. Depending on how an AI writer is implemented in an operation, a writing team could potentially be downsized or even dissolved, leading to further reduced costs.

Additionally, AI writing tools assist in producing content at a speedier rate. As a result, project managers are capable of scaling their content more efficiently. By producing higher quantities of readable copy, teams can expect a growth in engagement and overall profits.

Content managers can use the savings to improve their end-of-year metrics or use the capital to grow other parts of their business. For example, managers can target unique hyper niche opportunities and create longtail content that cannot be produced profitably with physical writers.

SEO Optimized Content

As the majority of marketing professionals know, Google leverages deep learning models to grade the relevance and quality of content across the internet. As a result, the best way to learn how to write optimized content is with the help of complementary deep learning models. Because of their use of deep learning models, advanced AI solutions are capable of outperforming human writers on Google.

More advanced AI content creators, such as Article Forge, go a step further and automate content research. Users simply need to enter a keyword and the artificially intelligent solution will generate content based upon the highest-ranking results.

How to use AI Writers to improve content creation

Like other fields and industrial focuses, digital marketing experts have fixated on using artificial intelligence to improve their practices — from content creation to brand promotion.

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AI’s involvement in marketing is often seen in news feeds or as chatbots on company pages. These tools are used to help funnel consumers through their journey and eventually become paid users. In recent years, artificial intelligence has started to grow a greater involvement in content production as well. 

While some tools are capable of creating articles and blog posts, AI is currently nowhere near taking over the writing occupation as a whole. Currently, artificial intelligence is better used as a tool to improve productivity and generate optimized content quicker. For simple, SEO-friendly articles, AI writers create content quickly and efficiently; for more complicated articles, content managers can use AI to generate early drafts and expedite the writing process. Additionally, artificial intelligence can be used to optimize search engine performance, as well as for revision and quality improvement.

In its current state, AI can drastically improve content production and be used to expedite every part of the production process — producing a significant return on investment.

How AI Writing Can Save Time and Money

To most project managers looking to capitalize on AI writers, time and money reign supreme; fortunately, AI engines help improve both productivity and profitability.

Whether used as a simple tool or to generate emotionally resonating articles, AI writers directly improve how efficiently content is produced. For straightforward narratives, like daily stock price reports, competent AI engines can produce SEO-friendly content in a matter of seconds; all that is needed from a copywriter is to input the information to use. For more complicated pieces, more sophisticated AI engines can help generate rough drafts and outlines - allowing copywriters and content managers to sidestep planning and writer’s block. Instead of having to write and research from scratch, writers can simply edit, format, and improve the generated content. Other uses include writing headlines, short phrases, and even marketing emails.

No matter their application, AI writing engines allow copywriters and managers to produce content at a faster rate - saving a significant amount of time.

The improved productivity directly translates into reduced costs, saving money, and improving profitability. At its most extreme, AI can allow businesses to rely less on human copywriters, which reduces overall labor costs. At a minimum, competent AI engines allow teams to create more content in less time; this means that the cost of production is reduced, saving money. 

Most businesses will be somewhere in between, using their AI as way to increase productivity without fully eliminating content marketers and copywriters. Smaller organizations may even use AI writers to produce content in lieu of human copywriters.

When examining the benefits and realistic applications of AI writers, it becomes clear that these content generators can directly improve productivity and decrease expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI writing?

AI writing is the creation of content through artificially intelligent software. Typically, these engines use predictive modeling and natural language generators to automatically write copies of varying lengths. The best AI writer can produce natural-sounding, engaging content in seconds. This content is also search engine friendly.

Whether for headlines, press releases, blog posts, or long-form pieces, AI writing has become a useful tool in the content creation process.

How does AI writing save time and money?

Content generation allows teams and writers to produce more content in less time. For data-driven narratives, like stock reports, AI can create articles in a matter of seconds; the only human intervention would be inputting any necessary data. For more complicated pieces, AI can be used to accelerate research and rough drafts, a well as to avoid writer's block. Using AI writers as a tool, copywriters can reduce the time it takes to complete written content. 

In making the content creation process more efficient, AI writers reduce the costs for production. At a minimum, AI will generate more content in a lesser amount of time - reducing the cost of production directly. At its best, AI can theoretically completely replace copywriters - reducing labor costs directly.

Is AI writing free?

AI writing generators range in price, but there are currently free solutions on the market. Normally, these versions have limited capabilities but can be upgraded with a paid purchase and subscription. A free trial is also typically available.

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