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Find Untapped Keywords With and Generate Articles With AI is a unique SEO content tool that offers a fresh way to perform keyword research. LowFruits is quite literally about finding the “low hanging fruits” in your niche, meaning the keywords that are the easiest to quickly rank for.'s competitive advantage is that you can perform keyword searches by setting predefined conditions (think: […]

How To Use KWFinder To Create SEO Content With An AI Article Writer

KWFinder breaks down keywords by their metrics so you can easily understand the best terms to target when you create SEO content. In other words, you don’t need to be an SEO expert to start ranking with KWFinder. KWFinder is the primary tool offered by Mangools - it’s dedicated to keyword research. This tool is […]

Use Answer The Public SEO Data to Produce Publishable Blog Posts

Answer The Public is a genuinely fascinating and visual keyword research tool. The tool displays phrases and questions that appear frequently in Google and Bing autocomplete in an easily understandable manner.  This makes it really easy for you to enter a seed keyword and find blog post ideas based on genuinely popular searches. Additionally, Answer […]

Keyword Magic Tool: Topic Analysis and Content Production Made Simple (2022)

Semrush is one of the most famous keyword research tools on the market and is utilized by many SEO content writing services. It’s no secret that Semrush offers its users an enormous database of over 20 billion keywords. The tool also provides amazing market insights that can help you to grow your brand into a […]

Master Serpstat Keyword Research in 5 Easy Steps and Produce SEO Blog Posts Automatically

Serpstat is a popular SEO content tool that you can utilize affordably (or even for free). Although it is a fairly new competitor in the SEO software industry, using Serpstat for keyword research is a solid strategy. This is because their SEO tools are continually updated and their keyword database is constantly expanding. This article […]

Using Moz’s SEO Content Tool To Generate Articles Automatically (2022)

Moz has been one of the most reputable SEO companies since the early days of blogging and content marketing.  Former CEO, Rand Fishkin, took his inbound marketing/SEO brand, known back then as SEOmoz from being a small startup into a huge business generating $20m+ revenue in the early 2010s. Moz brought transparency into an industry […]

SpyFu Keyword Research Hacks To Create Content Effortlessly

SpyFu is a comprehensive SEO tool that offers competitor keyword analysis, SERP analysis, a backlink opportunity finder, related keywords, and of course detailed keyword research. But to keep this article focused and actionable, we will only cover the keyword research element of SpyFu and how to find untapped content ideas to exploit. We will break […]

How to use Wordtracker Keywords to Produce High-Quality Blog Posts 

Wordtracker is an affordable keyword research tool (with free options) that helps you prioritize your time and build an engaged audience. And fortunately, turning Wordtracker keywords into high-quality, optimized, unique blog posts using the power of AI is even easier. Wordtracker brands itself as being able to find the most profitable long-tail keywords. And its […]

Use Ubersuggest Keyword Data to Automatically Generate Content with AI

Note: Our Keyword Research to Publishable Content series covers a range of tools that offer unique and cost efficient keyword research functionality. These guides then go an important step further and show you how you can easily use AI to write high-quality articles about these keywords.  We chose to cover Ubersuggest because it provides tailored […]

Use Ahrefs keyword research to generate content automatically

Find Low Competition Keywords and Generate Content Automatically

Note: We are covering Ahrefs as a part of our Keyword Research to Publishable Content series. Each guide in this series offers a different actionable strategy for conducting keyword research and using that data to generate high-quality content automatically. We do not earn commissions for our recommendations; we are writing these guides because they provide easy […]

Use Soovle Keyword Data to Create High-Quality Blog Posts With AI 

Note: This guide is part of our Keyword Research to Publishable Content series. Each post in this series walks through conducting keyword research with a different tool. These guides then walk through how you can use AI to write full, high-quality articles with that research. We chose to cover Soovle because it is a completely […]

How to Use QuestionDB to Create SEO Content With an AI Article Writer

Note: This article is part of our Keyword Research to Publishable Content series. Each guide in this series walks through keyword research with a different tool, then how to use AI to write entire, high-quality articles with that information.  We chose QuestionDB because it offers a free version that allows you to quickly conduct keyword […]

The Google Keyword Planner Content Strategy Growth Hack

Google Keyword Planner is not a tool primarily designed for SEO content creators.  However, the good news is that its functionality and depth make it an excellent free option for conducting keyword research. The even better news is that this is an underutilized keyword strategy that will help you get ahead of the competition by […]

Turn Google Trends Data into Publishable Content with Article Generation AI

Keyword research is widely regarded as the first step in any successful SEO content strategy.  But for many people, this is a daunting step that seems technical, time-consuming, and expensive. And unfortunately, keyword research usually leads to even more time, effort, and money spent creating the actual content.  But, this brief and actionable guide will […]