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How To Create High Quality, Useful Articles with AI

With Article Forge 4.5 you can create cohesive, structured 1,500+ word articles automatically.  With this update, you can optionally enter instructions for Article Forge to follow when writing your article to create even more focused and useful content.  And now, you can expand your articles indefinitely from the editor to create truly comprehensive content about […]

Article Forge 4.5: Major Quality Improvements, More Control Over Articles, Infinitely Long Articles

Today we are excited to announce Article Forge 4.5! Here's what is new: Core AI Update: Our Biggest AI Quality Improvement to Date We know this is a big claim, and we did release an update just two months ago… but progress does not happen in a straight line. Generative AI is moving at breakneck […]

Customer Spotlight: Building and Ranking a Website with AI

Generative AI has become a dominant buzzword in digital marketing, but there is still a lot of skepticism around how it can be applied. More specifically, many people question an AI writer’s ability to help websites rank higher.  So to address this question, we decided to go straight to the source: our customers who are […]

Creating Listicles with Article Forge

Listicles are one of the easiest ways to provide informative, actionable articles for your audience. And, Article Forge is the easiest way to produce unique, SEO optimized, 1,500+ word listicles about any topic. This article will walk you through the simple process to create listicles with Article Forge. Then we will show you how to […]

How to create 4,000+ Word SEO Articles with Article Forge

Article Forge provides the easiest way to create 1,500+ word articles. And while the tool is very simple to use, there are many ways to get even longer and more comprehensive articles with just a few extra seconds of effort. This article will walk you through creating a 4,000+ word article. But, there is virtually […]

Why We Don't Use GPT-3

Why Article Forge doesn't use GPT-3 and why everyone is thinking about content generation the wrong way. Since being released in 2020, GPT-3 has become synonymous with artificial intelligence and text generation. Countless research papers have been released analyzing its capabilities, ranging from its ability to problem solve, answer questions, tell jokes, and more. GPT-3 […]

AI Content Writing Can Be a Freelance Writer's Best Friend or Worst Enemy

Content writing will always be necessary, but the writing landscape is continually changing. Freelance writers need to be adaptive and not stubborn in their approach to work. By embracing AI content writing, freelance writers can not only make more money while working the same amount (or less!), they can stay on the cutting edge of […]

AI Content Creation is Reshaping SEO, Here's How

AI content creation is completely reshaping SEO. Over the last few years, AI has fundamentally impacted the SEO world. Industry experts are now turning to AI solutions to largely automate their SEO work, saving time and generating results much more quickly. Though as more people begin to adopt this solution, questions about its impacts, potential […]

Create Unique SEO Articles Without Having to Find, Vet, and Manage Multiple Writers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): You love it or hate it. SEO has the potential to create a scalable and steady stream of traffic (and conversions) for any business. However, SEO is more of an art than a science and results take time which can be maddening for people who want an easy “effort to money” […]

Why Every Small Business Should "Hire" an AI Writing Generator

Marketing can be an effective way to get more eyeballs on your business, and it’s generally a reliable way to build a strong brand. And while “Marketing” is a broad term, content is the best way to give your business an advantage.  In short, if you publish blog posts about your industry, products, or services, […]