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Where AI Writing Assistants Fall Short

AI has been creeping into many industries and is already making big impacts. In the marketing and SEO content industry, AI writing assistants are looking to do the same. These products like Rytr, Copy, Grammarly, and many others, seek to make the lives of writers and marketing professionals easier. While these tools are making a […]

How to Create 1,500+ Word Articles Automatically with an AI Writer

Article Forge is the only tool that can generate high-quality 1,500+ word articles automatically.  Without getting into the technical details, this is possible because Article Forge researches your keywords and plans out the full structure of each article - from section topics to the talking points for each paragraph - before it even starts writing. […]

What is an AI article writer?

What is an AI Article Writer?

Like almost every other industry, the writing industry has been turned on its head by a wealth of AI tools aiming to make the process more precise, refined, and efficient. With all the different AI-powered writing tools out there, it’s essential to understand their differences and where each excels. An AI article writer like Article […]

AI article writers will hijack freelance writing trends

How will AI article writers hijack freelance writing trends?

Since the blossoming of the internet, the way we communicate is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Rapid globalization and the rise of ever more sophisticated technology has made communication much easier in many ways, but has made some methods of communication much more complicated. The world of SEO content marketing is one such complication - […]

Using AI to write articles for SEO

Why Using AI to Write Articles Makes a Strong On-page SEO Strategy

With the growing presence of the internet in people’s lives, it’s becoming more and more important for businesses to use the internet to communicate information about their products and brand to the public. This information is packaged into content and can take many different forms and serve many different purposes. It could be anything from […]

The risks of hiring Freelance Writers and what to do about them

The risks of hiring freelance writers and what you can do about them

There are many reasons why content managers might hire freelance content writers from a platform like Fiverr, Upwork, or iWriter. They can be a cheap way to get acceptable quality content delivered fairly quickly, when the stars align and nothing goes wrong.  But when the stars don’t align, content managers who use a freelance workforce […]

Content is a primary SEO factor

How to Produce SEO Friendly Content Using AI to Write Articles

If content marketing makes up any part of your company’s business strategy, then it’s important to take steps to make sure your content is optimized for search engines (SEO). Of course, there are agencies and freelance writers that specialize in writing SEO-friendly content, but they can be expensive and unreliable. An AI-powered writing tool like […]

Why Content Managers Need AI Writers, not AI Writing Assistants

With recent developments in AI text generation technology, there has been a growing boom of AI-powered writing tools that greatly improve the productivity of all kinds of writing professionals. Article Forge stands out among these tools as the only true AI writer, as opposed to an AI writing assistant. This distinction is important because it […]

AI writer vs freelance content writer

Content generation AI vs freelancers: is there an easy answer?

There is currently an influx of AI-powered writing tools that are making waves in the online content production industry. However, Article Forge is approaching the problem a bit differently than its peers. Specifically, Article Forge delivers entire articles with the click of a button rather than requiring you to walk through the writing process to […]

The Difference Between an AI Writer and an AI Writing Assistant

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are making huge waves across the digital marketing sector, and the content writing industry hasn’t been ignored. There are a lot of new AI text generators out there right now - Article Forge, Jasper (formerly Jarvis), and are just a few.  They are similar in that they use deep […]