Like almost every other industry, the writing industry has been turned on its head by a wealth of AI tools aiming to make the process more precise, refined, and efficient. With all the different AI-powered writing tools out there, it’s essential to understand their differences and where each excels. An AI article writer like Article Forge is very different from most other AI writing tools that exist in the 21st century. 

Content marketers and managers, bloggers, and website owners can now utilize artificial intelligence tools to create high-quality content at scale. 

By reading this article you will learn exactly what an AI writer is, the benefits of using a true AI writer, and how you can use AI to increase brand awareness and sales.


What an AI article writer IS

An AI article writer is a tool that uses AI to draft an entire piece of long-form writing, such as an article or a blog post automatically

For instance, with Article Forge, you just need to enter a single keyword phrase and, optionally, the sub-topics you want the AI to write about. Then, set your desired length and Article Forge will produce a full and unique article automatically.

In addition, as a true AI article writer, Article Forge was not only trained on billions of examples, it also has access to real-time information to help it write accurately about any topic. 

Finally, an AI Writer is the best way to efficiently fulfill your SEO content needs for two main reasons: 

  1. Content is king when it comes to SEO, and implementing AI article writing software allows you to save valuable resources, and a lot of hard work, while still reaching the same milestones and end goals.
  2. AI can be trained to naturally optimize the content it writes for search. Without going into too much detail, Google uses AI to determine what content to rank, and Article Forge’s AI uses the same model architecture to decide what to write about. This means that the content from an AI article writer is automatically optimized for Google’s algorithms.

How Does An AI Article Writer Work?

You don’t need to be a gifted software developer or programming genius to understand how an AI writer works. In fact, one of the best parts about Article Forge is that it takes incredibly complicated technology and packages it into a tool that anyone can easily use. 

However, understanding a bit about what happens behind the scenes of an AI article writer can help you realize its strengths and get the most from your content. 

Therefore, without going into too much technical detail, AI article writers use deep learning (AI) models to generate naturally readable content about any topic. Article Forge’s AI goes a step further and is able to research any given keyword in real time to help it plan out and write a complete, long-form, accurate, organized article automatically.

This technology can have many significant impacts on your content production process. 

But before we get into that, it’s important to understand how you can use an AI writer to produce content. (Or, skip to the impacts AI article writing has on content production)

Using an AI Writer to Create Content

This technology may sound confusing, difficult, or perhaps even unrealistic. So, if you’re like us, maybe you need an example to put this technology into context.

Let’s suppose that you are the content manager for a business that sells second-hand golf clubs and golf accessories. On the surface this is a great business model, there is a large target audience, a good value offering for customers, and the potential to make significant profits.

However, this space is uber-competitive. That means you need to differentiate yourself from the competition. There are a few ways to do this, but by far one of the most effective ways is creating content at scale using an AI writer.

There are several reasons why creating valuable content can help your business to generate more revenue than competitors. To name a few:

Increased rankings and traffic

Naturally, as you create more high-quality content, you will rank on Google for more keywords. It should be obvious, but this means more people will click through to your website, read your content, and be directly positioned in front of your products. 

Increased visibility and brand recognition

As mentioned above, high-quality SEO content helps you appear on the organic search results page for more keywords and queries related to your niche. Over time and as you start to rank for hundreds, and then thousands of keywords, your brand will be cemented as a leader in your niche.

Increased leads and income

This is the end goal of any well-planned SEO strategy. Traffic by itself is not all that valuable: you need to convert that traffic into income, but that may seem easier said than done. However, there is a straightforward, three-pronged approach to solve for this goal:

  • First, quickly create interesting and helpful content using an AI writer. These could be posts such as “how to chip a golf ball” “how to putt straight” “how to take bunker shots” etc.
  • Create a lead magnet to capture emails. You can do this without building landing pages, a simple pop-up plugin can do the job. Your lead magnet should be something that offers immediate value and is relevant to your end goal, selling golf clubs. For example, your lead magnet could be something like the 11 ways to drive further or the 5 ways to hole every putt.
  • Finally, send emails to your new subscribers that offer guidance while gradually persuading them to buy your products using an email marketing strategy that creates a sense of urgency and primarily appeals to their needs and emotions. 

For example, you can lead with “this driver will allow you to hit the ball straighter thanks to its anti-slicing mechanism,” followed by a marketing copy that talks about how frustrating it is to slice the ball and how slicing is causing you to score poorly. Finally, you can pitch your product as a solution and use testimonials that support your argument.

The beauty of this strategy is that you can do it for any product and in any niche. Traditionally, creating content was the most time-consuming part of this content marketing strategy. However, using an AI writer means that this is no longer the case. 

Article Forge allows you to create content that is anywhere between 50 and 1,500+ words with a single click. Creating content at scale is pivotal for your business success. It enables you to rank for more keywords, increase brand awareness, increase the number of leads you get, and ultimately drive much more income.

The best part about using an AI article writer is that the return on investment offered is massive. A freelancer or a good copywriter might charge $50-$300+ for a well-researched and well-written article. But the truth is that SEO is a numbers game, not all posts will rank, or rank well. Therefore, you need to consistently publish high quality content to move the needle.

With a freelance writer, this could easily cost thousands and take months and months before you find your highest impact terms. However, by using article generator AI, you can create hundreds of blog posts for a tiny fraction of the price.

What an AI article writer IS NOT

There are many AI-powered writing tools on the market right now, but the vast majority are different types of AI writing assistants. Overall, AI writing assistants aim to alter and expand on the content you enter in different ways. This is an entirely different approach than having AI write entire articles for you from a single keyword.

AI writing assistants that focus entirely on improving existing copy

Tools like Grammarly, Writer, and Wordtune alter your text to fix spelling and grammar mistakes, improve readability, and even increase sentence diversity. Some of these tools will also suggest ways to rephrase or expand existing ideas to help improve your content.

Grammarly in particular is a highly effective way to make your content much more engaging and readable. Simply, Grammarly improves your content on a word and phrase level from improving spelling and grammar, to applying consistent style and formatting throughout. 

However, while this is useful, it cannot be considered AI article generation because there is little to no new content generated at all. 

AI writing assistants that help generate copy 

Tools like Copy, Jasper, Frase, and others can generate anywhere from a few words to a couple of paragraphs from the prompts you enter. In addition, these tools offer many different types of solutions to help produce short-form content for various purposes.

Put simply, while there are dozens of available AI writing assistants, they all provide similar partial solutions to the problem of producing content. This can be great for speeding up the manual writing process, but that is the extent of their utility

Drawbacks Of AI Writing Assistants

When it comes to using AI writing assistants to produce content, there are a number of drawbacks you need to be aware of:

The level of human involvement required to produce content

First, AI writing assistants can only generate a few hundred words at a time. So, at the very minimum, you must continually prompt the AI writing assistant to produce your content. 

Second, because these assistants can only write small amounts of text at a time, you have to spend more time researching and coming up with what you want the assistant to write about at each step in the process. 

Third, the content produced is often inaccurate and sometimes makes no sense. So, as you are working with the tool, you need to constantly revise the generated content. 

Finally, because these tools can only produce small amounts of content at a time, there is no way to develop a narrative thread or continue complex thoughts without continuously steering the tech and revising the content. 

The learning curve required to use AI writing assistants

The level of human involvement and sheer number of small features required to use an AI writing assistant result in a steep learning curve for the tool. It can even be overwhelming to log into the tool and decide which feature is going to give you the best chances for success.

The majority (if not all) AI writing assistants use GPT-3

Many AI writing assistants are powered by GPT-3, an AI text generation model released by OpenAI. While OpenAI is an impressive company and has released many impactful AI models, GPT-3 has its own shortcomings. 

First, GPT-3 is a single model with no ability to do external research. This means everything it writes comes from the information it was trained on. This is generally fine for broad and popular topics that were well documented and included in the model’s training data. 

However, GPT-3 has no sense of any information that was not included in its training data. This makes GPT-3 unable to write accurately about any new topics or events that occurred since it was trained in 2019. Instead, it will frequently make things up when it does not know what to write. 

In addition, GPT-3 was trained as a generalist model which makes it widely applicable but prevents it from solving any one problem extremely well. In the case of an AI writing assistant, this results in many small features that can produce short pieces of text, but none that can produce a full article. This model structure basically makes it impossible to write a full naturally flowing, useful article.

Finally, any tool that uses a 3rd party model like GPT-3 is unable to fully determine their own product and technology roadmaps. Instead, these tools are limited by the research direction and update schedule of OpenAI. This severely limits the quality updates these tools can make.

Overall, while these tools have their benefits, there are more areas where AI writing assistants fall short than some would like to admit.

Benefits of using an AI article writer

There are many reasons to start using an AI article writer over more traditional methods. When compared to writing manually, or even using an AI writing assistant, using a tool like Article Forge saves significant time and effort.

Automatically Produce Long Form Content

As stated above, AI article writers differ from assistants because they can produce high-quality articles with less than 15 seconds of work. This workflow is significantly more efficient and allows anyone (writers and managers) to increase overall article creation efficiency. 

Increase the ROI of Your Content

As we mentioned above, SEO content is a numbers game, and one way to guarantee wins is to produce more content overall.

When compared to hiring freelance writers, using Article Forge is faster, more predictable, and more cost-efficient. While the use of freelance writers is on the rise, AI article writers like Article Forge are in a position to hijack this surge and largely replace freelance writers in many situations. It is becoming increasingly clear that AI provides better ROI than human writers. 

Furthermore, many popular AI writing assistants are actually more expensive than a true content generation tool such as Article Forge. This is quite surprising as an AI writing assistant only supports the content creation process, whereas a true AI writer enables it. 

Produce Informative Content

Specifically, Article Forge excels at writing long form blog articles that are useful and informative, but simple to understand and easily readable. Users can control the type of article produced using the best practices mentioned above with as little effort as entering their focus keyword with clear intent.

Create SEO Optimized Content

Article Forge is designed to produce SEO-friendly content. As mentioned above, it uses some of the same AI architecture that search engines like Google use to evaluate and rank content. In practice, anyone looking to create SEO content can identify important competitive keywords and use them as prompts for Article Forge to target.

AI article writers are constantly improving

As is the case with AI in general, AI article writers are not perfect yet. While Article Forge is a leader in AI article generation, it is currently only scratching the surface of its article generation potential.

For example, Article Forge has recently made breakthroughs in its ability to produce high-quality content that is factually accurate. Most AI writing tools are based on the GPT-3 AI model which, while powerful, is not able to reliably produce factually accurate content. Because Article Forge uses its own proprietary AI models (both deep learning and natural language processing), it has been making strides to improve its ability to write factually accurate and relevant content about any topic.

In fact, in the next few months, Article Forge will be releasing multiple quality improvements as well as expanding the inputs you can enter to better control the articles.

With these exciting areas of development, Article Forge has become a game-changer for writing and content marketing professionals. Rather than just helping writers, like most AI writing tools on the market right now, Article Forge goes a step further, actually writing full pieces of long-form content at a time.

Frequently asked questions:

What is an AI article writer?

An AI article writer is a tool that writes fully developed and relevant long-form pieces of unique content like articles or blog posts in about a minute. Article Forge is one of the only true AI article writers on the market right now.

The offering of an AI content generator is totally unparalleled by AI writing assistants. Its superiority is due to the fact it can create content at scale and in bulk.

What is an AI writing assistant?

An AI writing assistant is a tool that seeks to support human writers by expanding on the existing text and suggesting edits for grammar and spelling, style, and content structure. Most AI-powered writing tools on the market right now are AI writing assistants.

They serve a valuable purpose in terms of moving past writer’s block, proofreading, and editing content, but they are not as efficient as AI writers when it comes to generating new content. 

You will need to manually write at least a single sentence to start generating AI content and will have to continue feeding the tool ideas and writing manually in order to create long-form blog posts. 

Therefore, while AI writing assistants are fantastic at generating short-form content like sales copy, or social media posts, when it comes to creating a significant piece of content e.g. a blog post, it’s much better to use a true AI writer.

Can AI write a blog?

Yes, Article Forge’s AI is capable of writing a full blog post, with a beginning, middle, and end, about virtually any topic in a natural, readable tone. In fact, Article Forge has broken new ground among other AI tools in producing factually accurate content on a consistent basis.

Users can opt to use an AI article writer to fully automate their content strategy. Article Forge even allows users to post their freshly AI-generated content directly to their WordPress blog, meaning you don’t even have to spend time formatting and structuring content.

This “auto-pilot approach” may not work perfectly for everyone, so depending on your content needs you can just copy-paste your content into Microsoft Word or Google Docs for light editing, or alternatively, upload it directly to your WordPress drafts.

How do you use an AI writer?

Just enter a topic keyword, set some basic parameters, and Article Forge will produce a full article, complete with section headings, in about a minute. Use longer, more descriptive keywords as instructions so thatArticle Forge knows exactly what to write.. You can even choose your own section headings to maintain the maximum amount of direction and control for each article.  

Final Thoughts

As you will see, using an AI content generator is a good idea for everyone who needs content. It allows users to scale and automate their content strategy so that they can spend more time working on other important tasks and growing other areas of their business.

By reading this article you will now fully understand what an AI article writer is and the significant differences between an AI writer and an AI writing assistant. You will also realize that Article Forge is a completely unique AI writing tool designed to deliver maximum efficiency to the content creation process.

Whether you decide to implement artificial intelligence tools into your content strategy, or not, it’s vital that you are aware of what these tools can offer and the advantages they bring in terms of efficiency, automation, and scale.

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