With recent developments in AI text generation technology, there has been a growing boom of AI-powered writing tools that greatly improve the productivity of all kinds of writing professionals. Article Forge stands out among these tools as the only true AI writer, as opposed to an AI writing assistant.

This distinction is important because it defines who should be using one tool or another. AI writing assistants are best utilized by true, dyed-in-the-wool writers - the ones who are concerned with the actual prose of the content. On the other hand, marketing professionals who are geared more towards high level content strategy will find much more utility in an AI writer like Article Forge.

This article will detail on the differences between AI writers and AI writing assistants, demonstrating why content managers are better off using AI writers.


AI writing assistants and their uses

The vast majority of popular AI writing tools, including Jasper, Copy, and Grammarly, are most accurately described as AI writing assistants. This means that they can only work based on a significant amount of human input.

For example, Jasper, Writesonic, and Rytr can all look at a given sentence written by the user and suggest ways to expand it.

Tools like this are great at taking existing content and helping the user improve it. This makes them useful for people who are concerned with the nitty-gritty details of a piece of writing, but a bit tedious for people who are more concerned with higher-level content management.

AI writers and their uses

AI writers are much less common tools because they require much more sophisticated, end-to-end AI technology to provide complete article outputs based on minimal human input. With as little as a single keyword entered, an AI article writer can produce an entire long-form piece of content.

Unlike AI writing assistants, an AI writer can actually write a fully realized article or blog post, with an introduction, supporting arguments, and a conclusion. 

It doesn’t assist the user in writing; the user assists it in writing. 

AI writers are a more comprehensive tool for content managers

An AI writer acts like the freelance writers that content managers often hire, only cheaper and faster. They automate the actual writing of content so the content manager can focus on higher level content strategy. Read a full comparison between Article Forge and freelance writers here.

These higher level content marketing professionals usually adhere to KPI’s that encourage them to produce content as efficiently as possible. Every component of the content production process needs to be optimized, and AI writers are a great way to optimize the writing component.

Human writers can make use of AI writers, too

That all being said, higher level content managers are not the only ones who can make use of AI writers. Writers themselves can streamline their workflows with AI writers too.

For example, AI is a great solution to writer’s block. As any writer will attest, there is great power in being able to fill an empty page with content, even if not all of it ends up in the final product. An AI writer can do just that, giving the human writer a sensible and comprehensive rough draft to act as a starting point. 

AI writers are also a great tool for freelance writers who sell their pieces. They let writers become more like content managers, outsourcing much of the actual writing to the AI while they focus on higher level strategic decisions for their writing business. 

Article Forge is one of the only true AI writers

Of all the AI-powered writing tools that are gaining popularity lately, Article Forge is the only one that writes entire high-quality articles at the touch of a button. It doesn’t simply edit your writing or expand on your existing content - it produces whole pieces of unique, fully formed, and natural content. 

Admittedly, providing an entire high-quality piece of content at a time is a more daunting task for an AI text generator than editing or expanding existing content. Therefore, to benchmark our progress on this task, we have conducted multiple case studies that survey real human readers about their opinions on the quality of Article Forge’s AI Articles compared to those written by humans. Check out those AI article comparison case studies here

Article Forge can also automate more than just the actual writing. It has a built-in post scheduler and a nifty integration with WordPress that lets you automate even further down the content production pipeline. These features can help you create a set-it-and-forget-it content production and publishing workflow that requires no human input to work. 

AI writers like Article Forge are revolutionary tools for content managers. They disrupt and streamline the content production process in a more fundamental way than AI writing assistants by offering much more comprehensive automation of the entire process. 

For content professionals whose main goal is efficiency, an AI writer like Article Forge is one of the best investments they can make to get them there.

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