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Article Forge Update: Pass AI Content Detection

Article Forge is the most efficient way to produce relevant, accurate, SEO articles about any topic.  But while these articles read naturally and appear human-written to real readers, there has been worry about AI detection, penalties and even general content rejection.    So, we took action and today, we are excited to announce a new feature […]

Article Forge 4.5: Major Quality Improvements, More Control Over Articles, Infinitely Long Articles

Today we are excited to announce Article Forge 4.5! Here's what is new: Core AI Update: Our Biggest AI Quality Improvement to Date We know this is a big claim, and we did release an update just two months ago… but progress does not happen in a straight line. Generative AI is moving at breakneck […]

Article Forge Named a High Performer by Real Users in the G2 Winter Report

We are happy to announce that Article Forge was named a High Performer in the Content Creation category by G2, the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace. This recognition is based on the responses of real uses for each of the content creation related questions featured in the G2 review form. Article Forge achieved […]

Why We Don't Use GPT-3

Why Article Forge doesn't use GPT-3 and why everyone is thinking about content generation the wrong way. Since being released in 2020, GPT-3 has become synonymous with artificial intelligence and text generation. Countless research papers have been released analyzing its capabilities, ranging from its ability to problem solve, answer questions, tell jokes, and more. GPT-3 […]

Announcing Article Forge 4.0: Improved Article Flow and Cohesion, More Control

Today, we are excited to announce Article Forge 4.0!  Here’s what is new: Huge Update to Article Flow and Cohesion  We take customer feedback very seriously and we’ve heard people say many variations of: And our customers are right, long (especially 1,500+ word) articles need to be well organized and flow naturally - you can't […]

Article Forge Update: 57.34% Better Articles with our new Quality Grader

Today, we are excited to announce a major update that helps Article Forge write more accurate, fluent, and generally higher quality articles. How much higher? 57.34% Article Forge Grades It’s Content as It Writes When humans write content, we very rarely write the entire piece in one go. Instead, we usually write something, revise it, […]

Article Forge Update: Increased Accuracy, Organization, and Length

Today, we are excited to announce a major update that helps Article Forge write more accurate, less repetitive, and more organized text of all lengths. Along with these major quality improvements, Article Forge is now the only AI writer that can create 1,500+ word articles with section headings… all completely automatically. Check out this video […]

Article Forge 3.0 Announcing Accurate AI Content Generation

Article Forge 3.0: A Major Breakthrough in Accurate AI Content Generation

Everyone knows that content is the cornerstone of any strong SEO strategy. But manually creating enough content yourself is simply impossible and hiring and managing writers is time-consuming and can be extremely expensive.  Recently, forward strides in AI content generation have begun to offer a third, more efficient option. And here at Article Forge, we […]