Everyone knows that content is the cornerstone of any strong SEO strategy. But manually creating enough content yourself is simply impossible and hiring and managing writers is time-consuming and can be extremely expensive. 

Recently, forward strides in AI content generation have begun to offer a third, more efficient option. And here at Article Forge, we are investing heavily in creating a true AI writer.

Over the last year, we doubled the size of our AI team and focused all our efforts on creating articles that not only flow naturally but are relevant, accurate, and useful.

And today, we are excited to announce Article Forge 3.0!

In this article:

I will briefly cover the current state of natural language generation and why this update puts Article Forge in a league of its own.

Then, more importantly, I will go over what Article Forge 3.0 means for your content pipeline, show you an example, and highlight where we plan to go from here.

A brief background on the current state of AI text generation

In the last few years, the buzz around AI content generation has skyrocketed. This is largely thanks to groundbreaking advancements in deep learning language models from tech leaders like Google, OpenAi, Facebook, and others. Most significantly, these models have been trained on massive amounts of information (billions of data points) to understand and write text the same way a human does.

These breakthroughs have led to the increased popularity of AI generated content. However, even the leading models are plagued with one significant problem: accuracy.

Writing from memory != accuracy

Without going into the technical details, modern language generation models write using their internal (also known as parametric) knowledge (memory). This knowledge is gathered when the models are trained on large amounts of content. However, given the nearly infinite (and constantly growing) amount of information that exists, it is impossible for a model to “know” everything, let alone restate its “memorized facts” properly. Therefore, these models are forced to make probabilistic predictions based on the information they do have. 

These models can usually write plausible, naturally readable articles about general or simple topics because their memory likely includes that information. However, when the topics become more complicated, specific, or timely, the models struggle because they don’t have enough internal knowledge to write a natural or accurate article. Specifically, when these models don’t have enough internal knowledge, they are forced to just repeat the same information or worse, make things up.

Human example: 
Imagine you are asked to write an article about George Washington entirely from memory. You might be able to write about how he was the first president of the United States and that he had a great impact on US independence. But if you needed to include more details than that - say his birthday, or the battles he won and lost - you would probably start making up dates, battles, and other information to fill out your article.

The same issue exists for deep learning models like GPT-3 because they have to write exclusively from memory.

One of the major goals of Article Forge 3.0 was to address this inability for models to adhere to a set of facts. More broadly, Article Forge 3.0 aimed to introduce the ability for our deep learning models to research any topic in real-time as they write. 

Introducing Article Forge 3.0

Over the last few updates, we have built our own deep learning models and trained them to write naturally readable articles from scratch, just like the popular models referenced above. 

However, with Article Forge 3.0, we took an important step further. We also built our own research (retrieval) models and algorithms to provide Article Forge with relevant factual information as reference material while it is writing. With these improvements, Article Forge writes articles that are unique, high quality, and factually accurate!

Human example, continued: 
Imagine if you could spend a little bit of time researching George Washington online to help you write your article. You could easily find significant dates in his life, learn about his battles, and find more information about his historical impact. Armed with that information, you would be able to write a high-quality and accurate article. 

Article Forge works the same way: it properly researches your topic before it starts writing so it has relevant and accurate information to include in your article.

What this means for your content creation pipeline

Article Forge 3.0 can write accurate and relevant content about more topics than ever before

By adding real-time research components, Article Forge can produce articles that not only read naturally, but include accurate and relevant information. This also allows Article Forge to write higher quality content about current events and more nuanced and complicated topics than ever before.

I don’t think I need to explain why it is more important than ever to have accurate and relevant content in your pipeline, especially about new and breaking topics.

Article Forge 3.0 content is SEO optimized

You can’t talk about SEO content and not discuss Google. For years, Google has been using deep learning models to provide more relevant search results for any given query. Most recently, Google introduced their MUM technology to help their existing Deep Rank algorithm better understand and judge content relevancy. 

This MUM technology is based on the same framework that Article Forge’s models use to decide what related information to include when writing about your main keywords. Because of this, Article Forge’s content is naturally designed to include content that Google and normal people find relevant, resulting in articles that rank and provide value to your readers.

In addition, as Google continues to roll out new deep learning updates to judge the quality and relevancy of content, it will become increasingly effective to use a tool that automatically optimizes for these algorithms.

Article Forge 3.0 creates long-form content from a single input

One of Article Forge’s most significant differentiators is its simple, one-step process to create long-form content. Instead of walking through the entire writing process step by step with other AI tools, all you have to do is enter your keyword(s) and Article Forge will research and write an entire, SEO optimized article for you from scratch. 

AI content generation interface

With the increase in quality from the 3.0 update, the articles could be good enough to use as is. But even if you want to use Article Forge content as a first draft, you will be saving significantly more time and effort than using an AI writing assistant.

One of the biggest impacts of this streamlined process is how easy it becomes to scale your content strategy. Whether you want to fully automate your content calendar or simply move content through your existing pipeline faster, Article Forge 3.0 is the most efficient option available. 

Article Forge 3.0 allows you to control the tone and style of content

Last but certainly not least, with Article Forge 3.0, you are able to influence the tone, style, and even sentiment of your article by changing the way you phrase the main keyword. 

For example, The articles below are both about an unreleased video game called “Starfield“. 

The first article was generated from the simple keyword “Starfield”. Because the main keyword lacks any indication of intent or tone, the article is generally neutral but still contains accurate and useful information. 

Bethesda Announces Starfield
Bethesda Softworks and Bethesda Game Studios have announced the upcoming action role-playing game, Starfield. It was first described as a "next-generation experience" and will be set in a space-themed world. The players can choose from various factions in Starfield. Some of these groups are the Ecliptic Mercenaries, the Freestar Collective, and the United Colonies. If you have not heard of Starfield yet, it will definitely be worth checking out.

The game is being built on the Creation Engine 2 and players will be able to create any character they wish. The game is based on a fictional universe where humanity has conquered the stars, but its setting is still very much grounded in the real world. While there will be action elements in the game, its emphasis on the role-playing aspect is what will make it stand apart. The players are not restricted to one religion or race, as they are able to explore all aspects of the galaxy with the freedom to choose their own background.

During the E3 2021 conference, Bethesda released an official trailer that gave players an idea of the game's premise. They also announced that Starfield would be releasing on Xbox Series X/S and PC. A Bethesda employee expressed his regret over not allowing PS5 owners to play the game due to the console exclusivity. That E3 trailer also revealed that Starfield will release on November 11, 2022.

The second article, however, was generated from the keyword “Why the new Starfield game will be incredible”. In this article, you can see that Article Forge took a completely different tone in describing the game while still providing accurate and useful information.

Reasons Why The New Starfield Game Will Be Incredible
Bethesda has a long history of making amazing games, and the new Starfield game should be no exception. The studio has fully dedicated its staff to the project since around 2015, and even filed for a trademark for the name in 2013. The developer was inspired to make a Starfield game when touring SpaceX.

Starfield will be the first new IP from Bethesda Game Studio in a long time. It will feature character customization and a helpful robot called Vasco. It will also feature Mandalorian-style weapon mounts and the possibility to explore the galaxy. The game is set in a future 300 years from now, and the game's setting will influence its mechanics. This setting is a huge reason why the new Starfield game will be incredible.

While Starfield doesn't have multiplayer, it does feature a diverse set of factions and a new religion. The game takes place after humankind has discovered the universe. The result should be a fantastic game with plenty of content. The specifics of the game are not completely known yet, but the new trailer shows the character gearing up the spacecraft for flight. From what we've seen, the in-engine visuals are gorgeous, and the video's trailer gave a sense of the aesthetics.

By simply changing the way the main keywords are phrased, you can control the intent of your articles. This allows for far more range in the content supplied by Article Forge and caters to wider writing styles than any previous version.

Where Article Forge is heading

As exciting as this update is for us at Article Forge, it is only the tip of the iceberg of what is coming soon!
In the next few months, we will be:

  • Rolling out multiple quality improvement updates (both silently and publicly)
  • Expanding support for more input types, and allowing more control over article outputs including:
    • Longer articles
    • Subheaders and overall article structure
    • More control over style and tone

Overall, we understand that everyone has different expectations when it comes to quality. Article Forge 3.0 is a huge step forward in AI generated article quality, but it is just the beginning. With each update, the quality, usefulness, and power of our content increases. No matter how high your content standards are, I am confident that now or in the future, our updates will surprise you and exceed your expectations. 

If you made it here, thank you for your time! As always, I (and the whole team at Article Forge) would love to hear any questions or feedback you have, just shoot us a message at support at articleforge.com

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