Today, we are excited to announce a major update that helps Article Forge write more accurate, less repetitive, and more organized text of all lengths.

Along with these major quality improvements, Article Forge is now the only AI writer that can create 1,500+ word articles with section headings… all completely automatically.

Check out this video to watch Article Forge generate a 1,500+ word article in a single click. 

How we got here

Last November we launched Article Forge 3.0, which introduced a real-time research component that led to more accurate and relevant articles.

In short, that update gave Article Forge the ability to research each keyword in real-time to understand what type of content is ranking and what information is relevant to readers and Google. 

This was a huge step forward in Article Forge’s ability to write accurate, up-to-date, and relevant information about any topic.

And once that research component was introduced, we redesigned the rest of the article creation process to boost quality in the following ways:    

More organization

With this update, Article Forge now uses its research to create an entire outline for each article before writing, spanning from section topics all the way down to the talking points for each paragraph. As a result, each paragraph has a focused and unique point that will provide value to your readers.

Article Forge’s new planning step approaches article writing in the same way that many humans do, just in a fraction of the time. 

If you wanted to write a high-quality, accurate article about something, these are the steps you would probably take:

First, you would research your topic to get an understanding of what to write about.

Then, you would take that information and organize it into an outline to make sure you were covering the most relevant points throughout your article.

And finally, you would sit down and write out your full article from that outline.

Planning out each article before writing it also lends itself naturally to including section headings for each subtopic covered, resulting in much longer, more structured, and higher quality articles overall.

More topic control

Article Forge’s research and planning components allow it to write about relevant subtopics automatically. But, because Article Forge writes a completely unique article every time, your keyword could lead to many very different articles. And in some cases, you might have a more specific goal for your article where you might want to control the direction your article takes. 

So, with this update, we added the ability for you to enter your own section headings to tell Article Forge exactly what to write about at each point in your article. 

Taking the example above, Article Forge now allows you to specify the different sections within the automatically generated outline it creates for each article. 

Learn more about how Article Forge can write 1,500+ word articles automatically and how you can enter your own section headings for more control over your articles. 

Less repetition     

Because Article Forge now plans out full outlines before writing, it knows to focus on multiple different topics throughout each article. This results in much less repetitive articles because once Article Forge has covered a topic, it moves on to the next topic in its outline. 

Beyond this, when writing, Article Forge now knows when it has written about something already and has been taught specifically not to repeat itself. 

Not only do these updates decrease repetition, they increase the variety of relevant information included in each article. This leads to more comprehensive and diverse articles of all lengths. 

More accurate

Most popular text generation models are only able to write from their internal memory. This causes huge accuracy issues because: 

  1. Information is constantly evolving and each model was trained at one static time in the past. So, the models will be unaware of any new or updated information that developed after that point in time.
  2. No model is big enough to know everything from memory. So at some point, they have to start making things up to fill the gaps in their knowledge. 

Adding a research component was a huge step forward for generating accurate content. 

But with this update, Article Forge now also fact checks every single sentence it writes, and if it writes a sentence that it finds to be inaccurate, it will delete it and write a new one. This built in verification step makes your content more accurate and up to date.

Where we are heading

Planning out each article before writing is a major step up in quality. But more importantly, it opens up multiple new avenues for us to continue to make major quality improvements in the following months. 

Whether you want to produce high quality content with as little input as possible or you want to automate content generation with more control, this update will help you revolutionize the way you get high quality, long form content.

In the next few months and beyond, we will continue to push the quality of automatically generated content to new heights. So make sure to be on the lookout for the latest news and updates from Article Forge!

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