Today, we are excited to announce Article Forge 4.0! 

Here’s what is new:

Huge Update to Article Flow and Cohesion 

We take customer feedback very seriously and we’ve heard people say many variations of:

  • Your articles are sometimes disjointed
  • There needs to be better flow between paragraphs
  • Paragraphs can get repetitive

And our customers are right, long (especially 1,500+ word) articles need to be well organized and flow naturally - you can't just have a wall of repetitive, disjointed, and unfocused text!

With this update, Article Forge 4.0 writes more coherently, giving you a true article rather than a collection of semi-related paragraphs.

The Ability to Exclude Topics

Another piece of feedback we have heard more recently is that customers want more control over what Article Forge writes about. When you are writing about a product or service, you want your brand mentioned and not your competitors!

Or maybe you generated an article and Article Forge wrote about something that missed the mark a little bit.

With this update, you can now tell Article Forge what topics or talking points to avoid, making Article Forge the only tool that gives you this level of control.

Learn more about how Excluding topics can give you higher quality, more focused articles

Support for Additional User Seats for Employees, Contractors, or Virtual Assistants

We know many times you aren't the only person trying to create articles to fill out your content pipeline and sharing accounts is cumbersome and risky.

Now, Article Forge supports adding multiple user accounts to your subscription. And, you can control what level of access each user has, so you can produce content at scale without worrying about logistics.

What Comes Next?

While these new features will help you create more useful, cohesive and focused content. We are nowhere close to finished developing Article Forge. 

In fact, we are already working on prototypes for our next major updates. Our team of engineers and linguists are working on projects that will not only improve the core AI, but will make Article Forge even more flexible and will give you even more control over how your articles turn out. 

So if you're not already using Article Forge to boost your content production, there is no better time to start!

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