There are many reasons why content managers might hire freelance content writers from a platform like Fiverr, Upwork, or iWriter. They can be a cheap way to get acceptable quality content delivered fairly quickly, when the stars align and nothing goes wrong. 

But when the stars don’t align, content managers who use a freelance workforce run several risks both to the quality of their content and to the success of the content marketing function as part of the company’s larger business strategy. 

If you’re looking to avoid these risks and run a more consistent, predictable content production pipeline, then a great alternative would be to outsource your writing to Article Forge instead of freelancers. 


What does Article Forge do?

Article Forge is an AI content generation tool that creates fully developed pieces of content with minimal human involvement. All the user needs to do is enter a focus keyword for the AI to write about and optionally set the article length and other parameters. Then, Article Forge generates a natural, readable, and unique piece of long-form content in about a minute.

This process sets Article Forge apart from the many other AI-powered writing tools on the market right now. Most other AI writing tools, like Jasper, Copy, or Rytr, are AI writing assistants. They proofread, rephrase, or expand on human-written content. They are undoubtedly useful tools, but they require human input at every step of the way in order to work.

Article Forge is a true AI writer. It doesn’t require the human user to provide the writing - Article Forge is the one that provides the writing. 

This makes Article Forge a comprehensive alternative to freelance writers. Article Forge does everything that a freelancer does, but without the major risks associated with freelancers.

Risks of hiring freelancers and how Article Forge solves them

Running over budget

With freelancers, you get what you pay for. It can be very expensive to populate an entire content production pipeline, even with freelancers. There are obvious issues with looking for freelancers who offer extremely cheap content (the readabiliy, grammar, and even uniqueness can suffer greatly to name a few), but with increasing specialization among freelancers, the bare minimum is becoming more and more expensive. 

A major advantage of Article Forge is its pricing model, which is a flat monthly subscription fee that works out to pennies per long-form article. Freelancers, on the other hand, usually charge by the word, hour, or article. With these freelance writer rates increasing every year, Article Forge will easily come out ahead for anyone with a sustained, long term content demand.

Businesses that produce content on a regular basis will greatly reduce the risk of blowing their content marketing budget by outsourcing writing to Article Forge.

Running behind schedule

A content marketing department is often an extremely deadline-driven environment, with many different moving parts that need to be timed just right. But with freelancers, or with any human writers for that matter, it’s impossible to know how punctual and consistent your content delivery will be. You may have to pay a premium for more experienced and professional freelancers in order to be more confident in their ability to deliver, and that’s still no guarantee.

Article Forge is nothing if not predictable. It will produce a full piece of content in about a minute, every time. You can even use the bulk generator to create multiple versions of each article at the same time to give you options to choose from, all in less time than it would take to receive one draft from a freelance writer.

Taking the element of human error out of any process is a surefire way to reduce risk, and Article Forge’s AI minimizes delays in a content marketing environment.

Quality control

We said before that you get what you pay for with freelancers, but in reality, you sometimes DON’T really get what you pay for. Even if you have the resources to implement a thorough screening and vetting process, there is still a distinct possibility that freelancers will deliver low quality or unusable content. 

Since the launch of 3.0, Article Forge is the only AI text generator on the market that is able to write factually accurate content. With critical advancements like real-time research components and a deep understanding of the topics users enter, Article Forge creates unique, relevant, SEO friendly articles with the click of a button.

While Article Forge is still improving rapidly, it is already far more predictable in its performance than a rotating cast of freelance writers. This is good because human editors can anticipate the quality levels of AI-generated content and be prepared accordingly. They don’t have to go into every draft wondering how close or off-base it is. 

Article Forge may not yet be able to reach the highest highs in quality that human writers can, but it does not stoop to the lowest lows.

Final thoughts

As mentioned above, one of the best ways to reduce the risk of unpredictability in any process is to remove the element of human error by automating as much of the process as possible. Article Forge is the way to do this in the content marketing world - it is capable of comprehensively automating the entire writing process, from initial drafting all the way to publishing, eliminating the need for human involvement and the risks associated with it.

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