Since the blossoming of the internet, the way we communicate is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Rapid globalization and the rise of ever more sophisticated technology has made communication much easier in many ways, but has made some methods of communication much more complicated. The world of SEO content marketing is one such complication - there is a huge demand for online content, and it needs to be written and published in a very specific way in order to reach and convert audiences. 

This massive increase in the demand for content has led to an impressive increase in the demand for freelance writers. There’s a lot of online content that needs to be written, and many businesses don’t have the in-house resources or know-how to deliver it. Freelancers often offer a solution that is faster and cheaper than doing it in house.

The technology of AI article writers like Article Forge is on the rise though, and is already in a position to take over the kind of SEO content writing that is usually outsourced to freelancers.


There is more demand for online content

The simple fact is that the more globalized and online the world becomes, the more content is required to reach everybody. People of all different backgrounds, with a wide variety of interests, are turning to the internet for many facets of their lives - recreational, professional, social, and even civic.

As these interests and utilities migrate to the online space, there is more need for online content to support them. This content could be anything from tutorials to product descriptions to blog posts. 

The latter is an example of long form copy, which is one of the most significant sectors of online content. Websites and blogs are becoming standard platforms for advancing a product, service, or brand identity. At their very core, though, these platforms are quite simple. A website or blog is essentially a series of articles - you might even call them essays - meant to engage the interest of potential customers. They are long form pieces of writing, but with a persuasive intention rather than journalistic.

As a website or blog grows, it becomes more difficult for one person to maintain it, and, as mentioned above, outsourcing to freelancers is usually cheaper than taking on new in-house staff. The most popular titles that freelance writers hold are things like Copywriter, Blogger, and SEO Content Writer - people who work with this kind of persuasive or informative longform content.

Freelancers are a low-cost and flexible solution to the increasing demand for this content, in part because they generally charge competitive per-word or per-article rates that are far more cost effective than hiring salaried, full-time staff. Outsourcing to freelancers allows smaller businesses to keep overhead costs low while still churning out the content that they need.

Why AI article writers are often a better option than freelancers

While they’re more efficient than utilizing in-house staff, there are a lot of risks and drawbacks when using freelance writers.

For one, though freelance writers are a cheaper option than hiring full time writers, they can still be quite expensive, especially as your content needs begin to scale. They can also be slow and unreliable - they’re humans after all, and are subject to human error and personal circumstances.

Outsourcing writing to an AI tool like Article Forge instead largely mitigates these risks. Article Forge generates fully developed pieces of content in minutes. Compare that to the few hours (minimum) that it would take a freelancer to produce a long-form piece of content, if they’re having a good day.

In reality, Article Forge produces the same deliverable as freelance writers: long-form articles. It’s not like the AI writing assistants that are popular on the market, like Jasper and Copy. It really is a writer that requires minimal human input - just an initial keyword and, optionally, sub-keywords - to produce valuable work. 

The content Article Forge produces may not always be perfect, but the same could most certainly be said for freelance writers. In either case, the content will likely need to be edited to fit your specific needs, but with Article Forge you get that content in minutes and at a fraction of the price of freelancer written content. 

For these reasons, AI writers like Article Forge are likely the future of long-form copywriting. They already have the capability to take over the tasks that are normally outsourced to freelance writers, and as the technology develops even further, it’s looking more and more likely that AI will soon be hijacking the growing popularity of freelance copywriters. 

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