With the growing presence of the internet in people’s lives, it’s becoming more and more important for businesses to use the internet to communicate information about their products and brand to the public. This information is packaged into content and can take many different forms and serve many different purposes.

It could be anything from short and lighthearted email copy, to rigorous research articles analyzing a product’s position in their market. No matter what form it takes, content is an extremely important facet of marketing in the internet age.

One of the most effective ways to approach content marketing is to regularly publish informative but digestible articles or blog posts. The best examples of this kind of content hit a sweet spot of being sustained, detailed discussions while still being direct enough to be helpful. Content must be unique and informed, but it must also be approachable and easy for readers to follow.

Article Forge is one of the best ways to efficiently produce content that meets these needs. Article Forge’s AI article writer has mastered this kind of writing while also being able to inform itself on any topic that it is asked to write about. This makes it a great tool for implementing an on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.


Create content with a clear goal in mind

When you realize just how powerful online content can be for your company’s bottom line, it can be overwhelming to decide what content to write, and especially how much keyword research to do. 

While you can do as much or as little keyword research as you would like, it is critical for your content to serve a clear purpose and be written with a focused intent. 

One of the main ways that your content will get noticed is through search engine results. Without going too far in depth, Google’s algorithms rank content by matching the content’s goal with the searcher’s goal. In other words, Google determines the intent of the searcher and finds content that addresses that intent so it can show the searcher information that is relevant to their intent.

Google’s official explanation of their search algorithms says:

“To return relevant results for your query, we first need to establish what information you’re looking forーthe intent behind your query. Understanding intent is fundamentally about understanding language, and is a critical aspect of Search. We build language models to try to decipher what strings of words we should look up in the index.”

These language models are similar to those used by Article Forge to write natural and relevant content. Since they use the same architecture, Article Forge excels at producing content that Google deems highly intentional and relevant. 

This process becomes even stronger when users give Article Forge specific and descriptive long tail keywords that are based on what searchers might type into Google. This helps Article Forge write a fully formed article focused on providing information that searchers (and Google) will find relevant.

The best part is that Article Forge optimizes its articles for search automatically so you don’t have to worry about keyword stuffing or striking the optimal keyword balance every time you create an article. 

Article Forge is already an SEO writing expert, so you don’t have to be.

How to create intent-based content with Article Forge

To get the most intentional and SEO-friendly content out of Article Forge, your prompt should contain the following three elements:

Use specific, deliberate language to make your intent for the article and the main keyword you want to rank for very clear. Making these three elements very clear in your prompt will help Article Forge understand what kind of content you want and how to include relevant information for Google and your readers. 

How Article Forge can automate the whole content production process

Not only does Article Forge automate the writing of entire long form pieces of content, it can also automate the publishing of those pieces. With the built-in Post Scheduler feature and a straightforward integration with WordPress, you can set up an end-to-end content pipeline that runs itself.

Of course, content managers can still easily edit the content that Article Forge writes before publishing it, and they can tweak the parameters and keywords in the Article Forge interface before setting the posts to publish. The content can also be sent to WordPress as a draft so that final editing and formatting can be applied inside WordPress before it is published.

If you don’t use WordPress to deploy your content, Article Forge also has an API that allows tech savvy users to integrate with just about any other platform or pipeline.

No matter which content platform you use, Article Forge has enormous automation potential that can fundamentally alter the shape of your content marketing in practice. Perhaps most importantly, it reduces or eliminates the need to hire freelance writers, who can be expensive, slow, and unreliable.

This amazing automation ability is itself a good reason to adopt a more content-focused business strategy. The front-end investment of Article Forge in terms of cost, time, and effort are minuscule compared to the potential returns. This makes Article Forge a great option for businesses that are starting up a new content marketing effort as well as SEO veterans with existing content pipelines.

How SEO beginners can use AI to write articles

Deciding where to start a content strategy can be a daunting task for anyone new to SEO.

There is so much information out there that you could read for days straight and still not have an actionable plan for how you are going to execute an SEO content strategy.

The short answer from all that information is that you need to create high-quality content that is relevant to your target audience. If you cannot do this, no other part of your SEO strategy matters.

Unfortunately, creating content has historically always been way easier said than done. But, as mentioned above, Article Forge takes on the leg-work of creating content so you can break into SEO without the huge up-front investment.

Article Forge can boost ROI for SEO veterans

Maybe your business has already implemented SEO content marketing strategies and has a full operation in place. Even so, Article Forge is still a great addition to your current toolset, if used properly.

This comes down to the simple fact that, no matter how you slice it, AI writers like Article Forge are faster and cheaper than human writers. Article Forge may not be perfect yet, but even if humans are editing its content after the fact, making use of Article Forge will still increase the efficiency and profitability of any content production pipeline. 

Also, like mentioned above, Article Forge’s API allows it to seamlessly integrate into any existing workflow, no matter how sophisticated.

For these reasons, it’s high time for businesses to consider basing an SEO content strategy around an AI article writer like Article Forge. If you’re new to the industry, its automation potential makes setting up such a strategy a no-brainer, while veterans of the industry will love the increased efficiency, ROI, and consistency that Article Forge brings to the table. 

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