AI content creation is completely reshaping SEO. Over the last few years, AI has fundamentally impacted the SEO world. Industry experts are now turning to AI solutions to largely automate their SEO work, saving time and generating results much more quickly.

Though as more people begin to adopt this solution, questions about its impacts, potential risks, and implementation are being discussed at a broader scale. 

By reading this article, you will learn precisely how AI content creation is changing SEO, the different ways that AI is used to create content, the impact of AI content creators, and the benefits you can expect.

How is AI Used to Create Content?

AI content creation is the process of using Artificial Intelligence (machine learning models) to generate written content. Some tools can generate a few sentences of content, whereas other AI tools can automatically produce entire articles.

AI is being used across the world in virtually every industry. Investors are using AI with robo-advisors and betting companies for predictive analytics. Now, AI is being used by SEO experts and media companies to generate content at an undeniably impressive scale.

However, not all means of AI content creation are the same. There are three primary types of AI content tools, AI scoring systems, AI writing assistants, and AI writers. However, one thing is true of all of these, they are completely changing the content industry.

AI Scoring Systems

While these tools cannot generate actual content, they utilize AI. Tools like SurferSEO, Clearscope, and Semrush can all grade how optimized your content is for search engines.

They do this by comparing your content to what their AI determines as a 100% optimized article. These tools then make intelligent suggestions about relevant keyword topics to include in your articles.

By doing this, you are effectively adding more SEO value to your content and improving your chances of ranking well. Before AI scoring systems, content managers had to manually think of related keywords to cover in their content. This meant researching topics related to an article and manually creating a list, now AI tools are capable of building that list with zero human input. 

While these tools can certainly be practical, the process is still highly manual and isn’t fully reshaping the SEO landscape.

AI Writing Assistants

AI writing assistants can generate a few sentences to a couple of paragraphs of content based on prompting. They are also capable of rephrasing and restructuring content in order to make it more unique, and diversified. This makes AI writing assistants the ideal solution for generating copy for landing pages and even writing social media posts.

Moreover, AI writing assistants are an excellent way to brainstorm content ideas and can help any writer get around writer’s block. As a writer, there will be times when you are unable to continue writing an article because you can’t think of any new sub-topic ideas. For example, suppose you are writing a blog post about the best alternative investments. In that case, you could use an AI writing assistant to identify new ideas for alternative investments that you had not previously thought of.

AI Writers

However, AI writing assistants have nowhere near the same capabilities as an AI writer. This is an arguably superior type of tool. A true AI article writer can generate unique and SEO-optimized content automatically with virtually zero human input. Also, this isn’t limited to just a couple of paragraphs. AI writers can generate entire 1,500+ word blog posts.

AI writers are capable of one-click generation. This means that you can use an AI writer to generate a whole article from just a single keyword. This isn’t something you have to be present for, nor does it require continuous input. You just press a button and let the AI “write” for you. 

Not all AI writers are created equally, but with some AI writers, these articles will be ready to use immediately. Optimized, valuable, and highly readable for your audience.

The impact of AI writers on the entire content industry is undeniable, what used to take several hours to achieve can now be created in minutes! 

How AI Content Creation Helps You

You will know that AI content creation hugely benefits people looking to create content. But how does that translate to real-world, measurable benefits that reshape the content creation landscape?

Increase Content Output

Firstly, AI content tools enable businesses to dramatically increase their content output and topic coverage. This means that you can create content that reaches a much larger audience. This is simply because your content will appeal to far more people.

For example, suppose you have a fitness blog and only have articles about stretching for flexibility. In that case, although you will be able to attract people interested in stretching, your content won’t necessarily be relatable and enjoyable for people who like fitness as a whole.

By increasing your content output, you can expect a much more significant reach and drive up the overall SEO authority of your website. Before AI, building out significant topical authority could take years (or a considerable content budget), but AI is making this benefit more accessible even for smaller businesses.

Increase Keyword Rankings

Secondly, as you create more content using AI, you will be able to increase the number of keyword rankings and the position of these rankings. We will explain why now.

Firstly the number of keyword rankings you have is related to the amount of content you produce. According to Ahrefs, each top-ranking page ranks in the top 10 results for 1,000 other related queries. For example, an article about the “best budget laptops for coding” might also rank for terms like “best cheap coding laptops” and “best budget programming laptops”. 

Now, not every one of your articles will rank at the top of the search engine results page. However, some will. Therefore, producing more content will increase your probability of ranking for many new keywords. The end product - a much more capable website with increased SEO power.

Increase Organic Traffic

Each keyword receives a certain number of searches every month. Most keyword research tools call this “search volume”. Searches inevitably lead to clicks and new users on your website. The search volume of all the keywords you rank for will accumulate, leading to increased organic traffic.

The bottom line is that creating more content will mean you are getting more eyeballs on your content. This will always be a good thing. It means more people will be in front of your brand and consume the information provided by your business. In turn, increasing the number of leads, conversions, and sales for your business.

Business concept vector illustration of a businessman who running with increase graphic chart to see the imagination future.

Increase SEO Authority

By creating more content using AI content tools, you can increase your topic coverage and target more unique long-tail keywords on a specific topic. This will increase your probability of ranking well for some of these keywords and improve your chances of ranking for related shorter-tail keywords.

For example, suppose you create a lot of content about different investments using AI, such as mutual funds, stocks, options, cryptocurrency, gold, etc. Eventually, you will be viewed as an authority on investments, and you may be able to rank for new and more competitive keywords.

Most SEOs will know these keywords are typically more competitive because they are more profitable. Thus, AI content creation has the power to boost your website’s SEO authority as a result of the increased topic coverage AI solutions offer.

AI Can Help You Create Content That Google Loves 

Anyone familiar with SEO will know that although SEO can be a fantastic way to grow your online business, it is accompanied by various challenges.

Firstly, Google goes through several significant algorithm updates yearly, which means that the latest SEO advice is constantly changing. So, unless you are really up to speed with SEO, it is relatively likely that you won’t know precisely what your content should look like.

These algorithmic changes also lead to extreme volatility. This can be highly stressful and lead to dramatic traffic drops and monetary loss. Therefore, creating content that search engines love is essential!

Google Is NOT Anti-AI

Over the last year, Google has been updating its advice fairly regularly, and one thing that many bloggers believe is that Google is “cracking down” on AI-generated content.

Most people don’t understand that Google is only actively against spammy content that isn’t beneficial to readers. However, not all AI content creation tools generate this type of content.

The truth is that Google can’t distinguish between AI-generated content and human-written content, but what it can do is identify content that is stolen, rehashed, or irrelevant.

Therefore, you need to be more careful using AI content creation tools as part of your SEO content strategy. But please note that there is a massive distinction between the spammy AI tools you will find bots promoting in your spam folder and genuinely valuable content created by a true AI writer!

Article Forge Content Meets Google’s Standards 

Article Forge is an independent AI writer that provides genuinely useful content because its AI includes research mechanisms. Put simply, the content generated by Article Forge is legitimate, capable of ranking well, and can provide genuine value for your readers.

Not only that, Article Forge content performs exceptionally well from an SEO perspective. This is because Article Forge takes a keyword as input and uses AI to research and understand the intent behind the keyword. This allows Article Forge to deliver accurate, relevant, and up to date content as output. 

These are broad benefits, but when you break it down, Article Forge content will allow your content to take on a unique perspective that you might not otherwise have thought of. AI content creation tools, like Article Forge, can provide content far beyond just the generic materials you might read on the surface of your content research.


AI is helping to democratize SEO by allowing smaller companies to compete with bigger companies with larger budgets for rankings. 

We have continually learned over the past decade that you can never expect the SEO landscape to remain stationary. Instead, it’s an adaptive machine that poses new threats and opportunities for content managers.

If you are involved in the SEO industry, you need to take the opportunity to embrace AI content creation solutions. Article Forge is the best AI writer currently available. It provides a unique opportunity for you to redraw the boundaries of SEO and gain the upper hand on your competition.

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