Content writing will always be necessary, but the writing landscape is continually changing. Freelance writers need to be adaptive and not stubborn in their approach to work. By embracing AI content writing, freelance writers can not only make more money while working the same amount (or less!), they can stay on the cutting edge of their industry (and avoid falling behind).

Large media companies are embracing AI, so there’s no reason why freelance writers should be working manually. Despite what some people believe, the application of AI content tools isn’t expensive. It’s a democratized solution that makes scalable content writing available to everyone.

What Is the Job of a Freelance Writer? 

The job of a freelance writer is to craft well-written and compelling content. This will be on a massive variety of topics in some cases, from fitness and lifestyle to high-tech.

Traditionally, this meant that freelance writing work was highly dependent on research, individual writing ability, and a willingness to be flexible for clients.

Meeting the needs and expectations of clients is essential for freelance writers because it is the content they are paying for. This sometimes means freelance writers must adapt their content's style, tone, or structure to meet the client's needs. For example, some clients insist on their content having a friendly and conversational tone, whereas others would prefer that their content is written in an academic and thought-leadership style.

Issues With freelance Writing 

Anyone familiar with the content industry (even anyone who had to go through writing classes in school) can probably imagine why freelance writing is not an easy job. A wide array of “pain points” make the life of a freelance content writer challenging.

Getting Jobs

Firstly, not having enough work. Finding clients is demanding, which is only further highlighted by the worldwide economic recession. High-quality clients don’t just come into existence. You must actively search for them, prospecting leads, sending outreach emails, and being interviewed.

Freelance writers can use websites like Upwork, Fiverr, or People Per Hour, but the truth is that it’s challenging to charge a lot of money on these platforms unless you are highly established and respected in your industry.

Lack of Financial Security

Freelancers are typically contracted on an article-by-article basis so they are heavily dependent on their existing clients. In some cases, freelancing (or even one or two clients) can be a person's sole source of income. This is not ideal. Even if you are creating outstanding work, you may fall out with a client, or they may no longer have the budget to continue paying you.

To summarize, there is a general lack of financial security for freelance writers that makes working somewhat uneasy!

Not Getting Paid

So this would follow logically from freelancers lacking financial security, but one of the most significant risks for freelance writers is not getting paid at all. Sometimes clients can be unreliable and untrustworthy, especially when no formal contracts are in place.

Writing Can Be Demanding

The effort of manual content creation is significant. Writing every day can be seriously demanding. Creating content requires extensive planning, research, and the actual time spent writing.

Additionally, as a freelance writer, it’s crucial to have deep background knowledge of many topics. This doesn’t mean you need to be an expert on everything, but you do need to be able to write competently on any topic that your clients want you to write about.

This is challenging and means that you will need to spend a lot of time ensuring that the facts in your content are accurate and your ideas are being portrayed accurately.

Minimal Control Over Content

At the end of the day, many freelance writers started working in the industry because they are good writers and enjoy doing so. However, an unfortunate reality of writing for others means having very little control over the content that is created for clients.

What’s more likely is that your client will perform keyword research and create a content brief/outline for you to follow. This means you will spend a lot of time writing content that you find boring and tedious to earn money. This is likely not the reason why you wanted to become a freelance writer.

AI Is an Optimal Solution for Freelancers 

AI content writing tools allow freelancers to earn more money by creating more content. The best part is that it takes significantly less time.

Furthermore, AI is the ideal way to free up your time to work on more demanding pieces/the pieces you’re passionate about. AI allows you to automate the production of lower-level content. This content you spend time on is essential to your freelance writing career, so why not spend more time creating passionate, energetic, and highly well-written content?

Well, AI enables this. It allows you to focus your energy on these pieces while still earning a significant income from your content across the board.

There is a strong misconception that AI content writing tools are bad - this is not the case. It’s true that not all AI writing tools are created equally, but some AI tools are significantly better at writing unique, clear, well-organized, and SEO-optimized content.

In some cases, AI content can even be far superior to content created by regular freelancers. This is because AI content is consistent. It’s structured logically and based on research mechanisms. In contrast, freelancers might have very little understanding of a topic and are entirely unable to craft strong arguments.

Therefore it would be fair to say that AI is capable of constructing much better content than what some freelancers are capable of. As a result, you can start utilizing AI as part of your freelance writing strategy to produce more content on different topics, allowing you to increase your income much further.

How Can AI Solutions Save Time

Not all AI solutions were created equally. When it comes to content creation, there are two main types of AI solutions. Firstly, AI writing assistants, these tools are capable of assisting freelancers with the writing process. 

They can help freelance writers to expand their ideas and create content in less time. They do this by generating small samples of content based on prompting from the writer.

The second type of AI writing solution is AI writers. These tools are far more impressive than AI writing assistants in terms of pure content output. This is because AI writers can generate entire articles in a single click with far less input than an AI writing assistant.

AI writers can create content almost instantly and help you to produce content that your client will love.

How Does Article Forge Work for Freelancers 

Article Forge is a new breed of AI writer. Not only is it highly intelligent, it is also highly in touch with both what humans and search engines are looking for when it comes to content. 

AI content writing solutions, like Article Forge, provide freelancers with an easy path to creating high-quality content. So, how exactly does Article Forge work for freelancers?

Well, when freelancers write content for clients, it’s more often than not that they will be following some sort of high-level brief or outline and, at the very minimum, a title. Most clients will be somewhat specific about what they are looking for in their content.

Suppose you are a freelance writer, and your client runs a travel excursion company in France. Now let’s assume they are developing their content strategy and have hired you to create content that leads to more trip bookings.

Well, one article that your client may want you to write is “best things to do in Paris” in that list they may be particular about their requirements and ask you to mention “Notre-Dame”, “Eiffel Tower”, and “Louvre Museum”.

Once you have received your assignment, it is your job to produce a convincing piece of content that makes your readers eager to visit the attractions and book an excursion with your client.

So, you might be thinking, okay, that makes sense, but surely no AI content writing solution can help me with such a specific request. Well, while that would typically be the case, Article Forge is capable of creating a full-length, unique article that meets the requirements.

Here we will show you exactly how:

Firstly, navigate to the Article Forge New Article page.

Once you have reached this screen, simply enter your primary keyword. This will be “best things to do in Paris”. 

Next is the critical part; you will turn off auto-generate section headings. Finally, fill in each section heading with a topic you want your AI-generated content to cover.

Now your section headings look like this. You can simply scroll down and click “Create New Article”. Just like that, with the most minimal human involvement, you have been able to create an article that will be highly relevant to your client’s brief.

Breakthrough solutions like Article Forge have reshaped the SEO landscape. They have made it far easier for freelancers to scale their content up and start generating significantly more money from clients. 

You can try Article Forge for free for five days. There are no commitments, but we do guarantee that you will love Article Forge.


Freelance writing isn’t dead. However, the means of creating content are changing, and content written by machines is replacing writing low-level content. 

Some people won’t like hearing this, but the fact is, it’s the 2020s, and not embracing AI will leave you behind. Don’t worry. All you need to do is adapt to a new way of working.

When you think about it logically… why wouldn't you want to use the tools available to get ahead?

AI content writing provides a fantastic opportunity for expansion. It allows freelance writers to put themselves back in the driving seats and produce content at the pace multiple clients expect. AI takes the stress out of freelance writing and allows you to direct your energy toward creating the pieces of content you want to write.

We will end by saying that being willing to take on new technology isn’t always easy, but it’s certainly a decision worth making. With that said, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Happy Forging!

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