Using an AI article generator to create the bulk of your content is one of the most overlooked strategies in the world of blogging and SEO. 

Unfortunately, most people still have a limited perception of the power of AI content tools. 

You would be mistaken if you thought AI could just generate a few sentences to a couple of paragraphs at a time. 

Machine learning and some AI content tools have now evolved to a level where you can generate entire full-length articles at scale.

By utilizing AI article generation, you have the ability to massively increase the number of articles you publish. Naturally, the more high-quality content you can publish, the better. Put simply: 

More High Quality Published Articles = More Individual Keywords Ranking

However, given the many misconceptions around the article generation part of this topic, it is important to understand the full picture before committing to paying for a new tool. 

And who better to learn from than a team that has been building and testing AI writing tools for years?

In this article, we will walk you through exactly what an AI article generator is, what it is not, and why AI article generation is more comprehensive than other AI writing tools. Then we will discuss various practical use cases for AI content creation, and how you can use it to build an automated content strategy. 


Before we start outlining all the use cases of an AI article generator like Article Forge, it’s vital to first unpack what an AI article generator is and what it is not. 

What IS an AI Article Generator 

Put simply, AI article generators create full-length articles with minimal input. 

All you will need to do is enter the keyword you want your article to be about and select your article length. From there, the AI will generate the entire article (complete with section headings) for you.

The one click process is the defining factor of an AI article generator. 

Article generators take the vast majority of the work out of the content creation process by letting you jump from keywords directly to final revisions and publishing. 

Without going too far into detail, this eliminates two major content production pains:

  1. The need to walk through the whole writing process manually for every article you create
  2. The need to constantly manage writers throughout their manual writing processes

By using a true AI article generator, you can focus on growing other parts of your business while largely automating your content strategy. 

Depending on your content needs, you might still want to spend some time making light edits to your content. For example, adding in your own personal voice and branding. 

Article Forge has a simple set of best practices to help you create high-quality content like these sample articles.

Further, even if you spend time revising your content before publishing, you will still be days or weeks ahead of writing your entire content calendar or working with writers to create this much content at scale.

As a result, AI article generators are completely different from other AI writing tools such as AI writing assistants.

AI Article Generators ARE NOT AI Writing Assistants

AI writing assistants can rephrase, modify, and extend content. At their most extreme, they can generate a paragraph or two at a time. Some of these tools do a really good job at assisting your writing, BUT they are very different from AI article generators. The truth is that while they can be useful, AI writing assistants have serious limitations

There are two different types of AI writing assistants: 

  • Tools that can help create short-form content. AI writing assistants can only create small amounts of content at once. For example, they can help you to create product descriptions, Instagram captions, and marketing copy for Facebook ads. 
  • Tools (like Grammarly) which help to improve your content by finding optimal synonyms, rephrasing passages of text to fit a specific tone, and detecting grammar mistakes.

One of the biggest drawbacks to these tools is that they are unable to do any type of end to end article generation. This means that the paragraphs generated by AI writing assistants will often not flow well together and will require significant editing to make cohesive articles.

In fact, these limitations are often where the misconceptions and confusion around AI article generators come from.

However, a true content generation tool like Article Forge researches each keyword and plans out the whole article in advance to make sure it is relevant, accurate, and flows naturally. 

If you are unfamiliar with Article Forge, it is the only AI writer who can research, plan out, and write 1,500+ word articles from a single keyword. It also offers a completely free trial so you can see the results for yourself. Click here to try Article Forge for free!

Reasons to Choose AI Article Generator

As mentioned above, an AI article generator creates full, unique, long-form content from a single input. 

Comprehensive Deliverables

You give the tool a keyword, and your deliverable is a piece of content that you can do whatever you want with. Depending on your preferences, you could publish the content immediately, or you could use it as a rough draft to rework however you, or your editors, see fit. 

Using AI to create content is the future. Manually walking through the entire writing process will soon be a thing of the past. 

Accurate, Relevant, Up to Date Information

A reliable AI content tool will provide an accurate and relevant article that includes the latest information on the topic. Not only will this save you incredible amounts of editing time, it will ensure the credibility of your content. Beyond credibility, this is also the best way to show Google that your content is fresh and useful for readers. 

Automatic SEO optimization

Perhaps one of the strongest benefits to using an AI article generator is that the content is fully optimized for SEO without any human involvement. Instead of needing to go back through your content after it’s been created, your articles will be designed to rank automatically. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all AI, but Article Forge knows precisely what to say and where to say it.

How? Well, Article Forge uses the same deep learning architecture to decide what topics are relevant to write about as Google uses to decide what topics are relevant to rank. 

Overall, when comparing AI article generators to AI writing assistants, the two serve very different purposes. Assistants can help you brainstorm new ideas and improve existing content (in the case of tools like Grammarly), but they do not offer the ability to automate the entire content creation process. 

Therefore, if you want to save excessive amounts of time and focus on growing other areas of your business that make more money, then using an AI article generator is one of the best ways to do this. 

How Is this Possible?

Well, we can’t say that this is possible for every AI tool, but these points are true for Article Forge. Article Forge was built by the team of Machine Learning researchers at with the goal of creating AI that is as smart as a human. Article Forge uses multiple proprietary deep learning models to research, plan out and write entire articles about any keyword

Use Cases For An AI Article Generator 

There are many ways AI content generation tools can help you meet your SEO goals:

Improving Topic Coverage 

Manually writing the number of articles required to improve your site’s topic coverage is time-consuming and unmotivating. 

Even if you outsource the bulk of the writing to freelancers, you still need to find, vet, hire, and manage them. Not to mention you’ll be easily spending thousands of dollars per month.

However, turning unique content ideas into blog posts that rank is easy when you have straight forward guides to follow. These guides take you from finding low-competition keywords to showing you how to easily create content that actually ranks well (even as a beginner). 

The massive advantage of using an AI article generator like Article Forge is that you don’t even really need to understand the topic, let alone be an expert to produce high quality content that ranks. 

This means you save hours and hours researching very niche (and sometimes boring) topics. By using an AI content generator, you can select any topic and the AI will research and write optimized long-form content (1,500+ words) that is unique and publishable. 

Creating Content Clusters

One way to improve topic coverage and depth with AI is to create content clusters. This allows you to create enough content to quickly fill out your content calendar while still covering every single topic in-depth. 

The direct benefit of creating content clusters is that you will be able to rank for more keywords in less time.

As mentioned, AI-generated content is the automated solution to a common issue - not being able to create enough content. 

In addition to creating more high quality content overall, AI content is significantly cheaper than any freelance writer (as low as $0.02 per 100 words). 

Using an AI article generator can eliminate over 90% of the time and money needed to produce content at scale. 

An additional benefit of creating content clusters is that they help establish your site as the subject matter expert. In turn, this will help increase your topical authority and earn the trust of your readers. 

To demonstrate how easy this is, we will walk you through exactly how to improve topic coverage with AI later in the post!

Answering Questions 

Beyond just writing about the different topics related to your niche, your content should be designed to help your audience. 

Directly answering questions is another great and often overlooked way to help your audience find what they are looking for while increasing the ranking potential of your posts. 

That is because questions indicate intent, and if you are able to predict what your readers will be asking and suitably answer their questions, your website will become the final destination of their search. In other words, they will not “bounce” and try to find the information they are looking for elsewhere. 

Article generation is based on addressing the input it is given, so if you give it a question, it will center the article on answering that question. This is a great way to make sure your content aligns well with search intent..

Therefore, by using article generation, your articles will not just be generic and repetitive, but they will actually provide optimized and targeted answers to the questions your audience asks.

Put simply, answering questions your readers, potential readers, and future readers have allows you to provide value and build up your status as an expert.

If that’s not enough, providing concise and succinct answers to a variety of questions within each article (this is really easy with Article Forge) is a great way to increase your topic coverage in every article, this will lead to much higher rankings. 

More specifically, when your website directly addresses and answers the questions readers have this sends very positive signals to search engines that your website has value. Over time this will be reflected in your ranking positions and you will start to gain more traffic, and have an increased number of leads for your business.

How to Use AI Article Generation

Now that you understand a few of the primary use cases for AI content generation, we will walk you through how you can actually use an AI article generator to boost rankings

Improve Topic Coverage with Content Clusters

Instead of simply covering topics at surface level, we strive to make sure our content helps you understand how things actually and practically work. 

So, this section walks you through building content clusters for your website.

Let’s say that you have a blog about cycling, a very profitable but fairly broad niche. To create content clusters, you will need to break cycling into categories. Some of these categories can include:

  • Road cycling
  • Mountain biking
  • Bicycle maintenance
  • Fitness benefits of cycling

Once you’ve broken down your niche into categories, you will create a cluster for each.

Sticking with our cycling niche example, we will choose the “fitness benefits of cycling” category for our first cluster. 

To get started, we will identify 5-10 related topics to create articles around. Each article should have a unique focus but relate directly to the main category. Our cluster could include a separate article for each of the fitness benefits of cycling. For example:

  • Strength benefits of cycling
  • Mental health benefits of cycling
  • Mobility benefits of cycling
  • Cardiovascular benefits of cycling
  • Injury prevention benefits of cycling

You get the idea. 

Now comes the beauty of AI article generation. Simply take each keyword you have identified and enter it into Article Forge to create an article for each.

Once you have your content, you can then use an SEO technique called interlinking, where you link between these separate articles. This helps tie your cluster together so readers can find useful information about different subtopics within your main topic. It also signals to search engines that you have deep expertise on your main topic. 

Answering Questions With Article Forge

As we mentioned above, answering questions with an AI article generator is a great way to create content that directly addresses your audiences’ search intent. 

For example, let’s say you had an article about the best road bike tires. This is a topic with lots of commercial intent as readers are looking for purchase recommendations. Any website that ranks on the first page for this keyword will be able to influence purchase decisions and ultimately make money through commissions or direct sales. 

Let’s think about this logically. Our audience is searching for the “best road bike tires”. This means that the first thing we need to do is list what we already know. 

  1. We know that our target audience is interested in biking (specifically road biking), additionally, they take it seriously and are willing to invest their money into this hobby.
  2. This also means that they are looking for tires that meet one of their desires: greater durability, more speed (better performance), improved safety etc. 
  3. Finally, this audience might be interested in hearing some cycling-specific comparisons from an expert - you e.g. road bike vs mountain bike tires. 

Once you have gone through this analysis process, you can list the questions that you want to answer, feel free to answer as many as you want, but 3-5 questions is the sweet spot. 

  1. How to improve at road biking?
  2. How to improve the durability of your bike tires?
  3. How often to change road bike tires for performance?
  4. Are road biking or mountain biking tires better?

Now that you have listed a few questions you want to answer, it’s time to enter them into the AI article generator. This will allow you to quickly create authoritative and helpful answers without spending a minute writing (or even thinking).

To do this, simply head over to the New Article page in Article Forge and enter your first question in the “keyword” box. 

Now, depending on what sort of content you want to generate, you can select your length (up to over 1,500 words). 

For answering any question, the best practice is to provide a detailed but concise response. Therefore, we recommend selecting 250 words for more specific questions and longer for broader questions. 

Your Article Forge interface should now look like this:

Now, simply scroll down and click “Create New Article” just like that the AI writer will begin generating completely original content that directly answers your question. By doing this just a few times (you can queue your responses) you will have generated several highly relevant answers to the questions your readers are asking.

Final Thoughts 

Implementing an AI article generator into your SEO content strategy is perhaps the smartest decision that content creators can take in the 2020s. The world is changing as we continue to make technological advancements, and putting manually written content at the forefront of your content strategy is not logical. 

AI can produce content at the same quality as human content writers in a fraction of the time, for a fraction of the cost. Ultimately, using AI article generation allows you to maintain a lot of control over the content you publish while avoiding the burden of spending every available minute working. 

The short answer is that Article Forge is an SEO content machine and is the easiest way to create unique articles at scale.

Good luck and happy forging!

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