Article Forge provides the easiest way to create 1,500+ word articles.

And while the tool is very simple to use, there are many ways to get even longer and more comprehensive articles with just a few extra seconds of effort.

This article will walk you through creating a 4,000+ word article. But, there is virtually no limit to the length of articles you can create with this method!

To start, pick a broader topic that can be broken down into sub topics.


  • best weight lifting exercises for each muscle group
    • best back workouts
    • best shoulder workouts
    • best core workouts
    • best arm workouts
    • best chest workouts
    • best leg workouts

Create an article for each sub topic (we recommend selecting 750 words unless your sub topic is very broad). If your sub topics overlap, you can exclude the other sub topics from each article.

Then, create a 50 word article intro:

Once all of your articles have processed, go to the My Articles page and select each article, click “Bulk Actions” then “Combine Articles”:

Then, click into the new article from the link in the success banner:

And scroll down to the second article panel to view your combined article:

All your articles will be in this editor, separated by “|”s (you should remove the curly brackets and pipes before publishing).

In addition, before publishing, you may want to change the header tags to h2’s and h3s and add any final polish to your article.

That’s it, with just a little extra work, there is no limit to the length of articles you can generate in with Article Forge!

Watch Us Create 4,000+ word Articles with Article Forge:

Will These Articles Rank?

While there has been a lot of buzz around Google’s view of AI content, the single most important ranking factor is still providing relevant information for any given search query. 

And using the method above to create comprehensive articles about multiple aspects of your target audience will ensure that your content is relevant in the eyes of Google. 

This is because Article Forge uses the same machine learning (AI) architecture to determine what topics are relevant to write about as Google uses to determine what website pages are relevant to display. 

And this is even more true when you compound Article Forge’s natural SEO optimization with more comprehensive articles. These longer articles will provide Google with even more positive signals within your content without ever needing to worry about keyword density issues. 

In fact, when using SEO scoring tools like Rank Math, Yoast, AIOSEO, Page Optimizer Pro, and even SurferSEO, these more comprehensive articles will often score in the high 80s or even 90s without any manual editing. 

What Now?

You are ready to start creating your own 4,000+ word SEO articles with Article Forge. 

Click here to log into the New Article Page and start creating your articles.

Or, if you are new to Article Forge, you can create a completely free 5-day trial here to see for yourself how Article Forge can create high quality articles over 4,000 words with just a few clicks. 

Or check out more ways to use Article Forge to create high quality SEO content:

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