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How to Create 1,500+ Word Articles Automatically with an AI Writer

Article Forge is the only tool that can generate high-quality 1,500+ word articles automatically.  Without getting into the technical details, this is possible because Article Forge researches your keywords and plans out the full structure of each article - from section topics to the talking points for each paragraph - before it even starts writing. […]

Why We Don't Use GPT-3

Why Article Forge doesn't use GPT-3 and why everyone is thinking about content generation the wrong way. Since being released in 2020, GPT-3 has become synonymous with artificial intelligence and text generation. Countless research papers have been released analyzing its capabilities, ranging from its ability to problem solve, answer questions, tell jokes, and more. GPT-3 […]

AI Content Writing Can Be a Freelance Writer's Best Friend or Worst Enemy

Content writing will always be necessary, but the writing landscape is continually changing. Freelance writers need to be adaptive and not stubborn in their approach to work. By embracing AI content writing, freelance writers can not only make more money while working the same amount (or less!), they can stay on the cutting edge of […]

AI Content Creation is Reshaping SEO, Here's How

AI content creation is completely reshaping SEO. Over the last few years, AI has fundamentally impacted the SEO world. Industry experts are now turning to AI solutions to largely automate their SEO work, saving time and generating results much more quickly. Though as more people begin to adopt this solution, questions about its impacts, potential […]

Create Unique SEO Articles Without Having to Find, Vet, and Manage Multiple Writers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): You love it or hate it. SEO has the potential to create a scalable and steady stream of traffic (and conversions) for any business. However, SEO is more of an art than a science and results take time which can be maddening for people who want an easy “effort to money” […]

Why Every Small Business Should "Hire" an AI Writing Generator

Marketing can be an effective way to get more eyeballs on your business, and it’s generally a reliable way to build a strong brand. And while “Marketing” is a broad term, content is the best way to give your business an advantage.  In short, if you publish blog posts about your industry, products, or services, […]

Article Writers: The Different Types and How to Make The Most of Your SEO Budget 

A consistent content creation pipeline is one of the most valuable assets that any business can have. Content provides businesses with a platform that can be used to share a particular vision and directly encourage organic growth.  As a small or medium-sized business, competing against bigger enterprises for brand awareness and market share can be […]

The Impacts Of AI Text Generators On Content Industries

AI text generators are a fairly new advancement in technology which offers bloggers, content managers, and even journalists an entirely new way to create content. AI content tools are even being described as a revolutionary advancement for content creation and SEO. This isn’t surprising given that AI text generators are having a momentous impact on […]

The 14 Best Keyword Research Tools for Your Use Case

Finding the right keyword research tool for your needs can be surprisingly difficult.  There are dozens of different keyword research tools out there and each claims to be "the best tool for you".  But the "best tool" for an established SEO agency might not be the same as the "best tool" for a small business […]

How to Find and Fill Content Gaps With AI

As a content marketer, you’ve probably spent a lot of time putting together a detailed content strategy.  You’ve identified keywords that are going to help you reach the right people. You’ve written insightful articles that your readers find useful. But what if you’re missing something? What if your website has content gaps? If you’re starting […]

Using An AI Content Generator To Create A Scalable Content Strategy

The right content generator will help you automate and scale your content production using AI.  How? It takes on the painful and manual parts of content creation so you have more time and energy to work on other parts of your business.  This also helps you scale content production without needing to add more staff […]