Within the digital marketing world, the presence of artificially intelligent writing bots has revolutionized the way we generate content. These artificially intelligent tools have been subject to rave reviews and snarky criticisms by both enterprise and small-sized businesses. Few answer the most crucial question through the hundreds of articles and critiques: do writing bots produce quality content?

Writing Bot

In this article, we will explore how writing bots operate, how they improve content creation, and how they compare to their human counterparts.

How a Writing Bot Works

Writing bots are artificially intelligent solutions that use deep learning models to write original articles, blog posts, and more. Trained with millions of documents, these writing bots use learned patterns to generate original, fluent content. 

These AI tools are capable of creating engaging content of all lengths — including headlines, passages, and long-form copy.

Operating like neurons firing in a brain, deep learning models use predictive modeling based upon the documents they learned from. As part of a wave of innovation, solutions like Article Forge are even managing their AI to adhere to sets of rules and facts; in doing so, the writing bot can produce factually accurate content consistently.

Breakthrough solutions like Article Forge are even going so far as to leverage mechanisms to adhere to a set of facts and rules; in doing so, the AI article writer can produce more factually accurate copy more consistently.

How Writing Bots Improve Content Creation

Writing bots have many advantages, which can drastically improve the content creation process for managers and writers alike. This extensive list of benefits can be diluted down to three significant improvements: increased productivity and output, decreased expenses, and SEO content. Diluted down, these benefits can be increased productivity and output, decreased costs, and SEO optimized content.

Increase Production Speeds and Overall Output

When it comes to the production of material, no human writer could ever compare to an artificially intelligent writer. Capable of creating content of all lengths in just a matter of seconds, writing bots can be used to produce copy en masse in no time at all. This increased production can be utilized to quickly scale content marketing efforts and implement strategies targeting hyper niche and long-tail keywords. With the appropriate solution, content managers can produce quality content at a rate previously impossible with teams of solely human writers.

Content Creation

Decrease Content Creation Costs

Going hand-in-hand with increased production, writing bots can dramatically lower overall costs. Oftentimes AI writers are sold as SaaS solutions with monthly or yearly subscriptions, rarely peaking above $200 per month. 

Writing bots are significantly cheaper than the typical rates of freelance writers or the long-term costs of full-time employees. Coupled with the more efficient production of content, writing bots are capable of producing large scales of content at a fraction of the cost of their human contemporaries. 

Depending on the usage and scale, AI writers can even replace entire teams of writers. Regardless, the savings brought on by writing bots can be used to improve profits or be redistributed towards other projects.

Improve SEO-friendliness Without Extra Work

As all content managers know, the speed and cost to produce content are unimportant if there is no audience for the copy. Using deep learning models similar to Google’s AI, writing bots generate articles that maximize SEO authority while maintaining readability

In line with their incredible productivity levels, writing bots generate these articles using the same keyword(s) submitted by its user. This benefit allows content managers to target long-tail keywords, as well as maximize their contents’ overall authority.

How a Writing Bot Compares to a Human

At the end of the day, grading content is entirely subjective – just like beauty, quality is in the eyes of the beholder. As a result, we think it's best to allow writing bots to show off their work. For this blog, we challenged Article Forge to compete against an average human writer and generate a passage on itself!

With the subject in mind, the two set off to write 250 words each. See the results for yourself:

Bot Example
There are many benefits to using Article Forge as your website content writer. Not only will your articles engage readers, but you'll also get better search engine rankings. Besides, this tool is free to try! It's important to remember that while every website owner has different needs, everyone can benefit from high-quality content. So, it's worth it to invest in an automated content writer that takes care of all the details.

The automated process is what makes Article Forge such a powerful tool. It is as easy as clicking a button. The simple and intuitive system allows you to quickly create high-quality articles with barely any effort. Once you input a topic, you simply sit back and watch Article Forge write the article for you. While you wait, the system passes your article through multiple testing stages which means you can be sure of the quality of the finished product. It even has a loading bar to help you track your progress.

Article Forge also takes care of other aspects of content, such as images and videos, which are important in search engine ranking. Once the process is complete, you can download the articles in your desired format or publish the articles anywhere. With Article Forge, you won't have to worry about writing a single article yourself. No matter what type of website you have, Article Forge will save you countless hours of work and help you reach a wider audience.
Human Example
Article Forge software uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to write content very similar to human writers' content. The best part is that the content comes at a fraction of the cost. That is quite interesting! Let us delve deeper.

The software offers multiple plan options but even the most expensive rate is $57 for 250,000 words. This works out to be $0.228 per 1,000 words, which is significantly cheaper than any human alternative. Many people then wonder about the sacrifice in quality to justify a rate so low. But Article Forge mimics the human way of writing. This means we get the same quality at a much lower cost. That is a game-changer technology.

Article Forge 3.0 uses complicated algorithms to generate content but makes using the product extremely simple. While all you need to do is provide a topic, Article Forge will do the rest. Specifically, Article Forge is able to research your topic, understand what points it should write about, and write a cohesive article for you - all in about a minute. This technology might be hard for many people to understand, so the website offers a free 5-day trial so you can see just how easy Article Forge is to use.

Artificial Intelligence is evolving fast with the goal of matching human intelligence. While you may want to read over the content Article Forge generate to verify the quality, you may not need to for long. As the product continues to improve, so will the quality of the output, and with that, Article Forge will be able to take on increasingly nuanced topics with increased precision.

Does a Writing Bot Produce Good Content?

So can a writing bot produce good content? When comparing the samples of AI writing and an average human writer, the answer is of course, yes. The two excerpts use similar word choice, sentence structure, and tone while also maintaining factual accuracy — something that couldn’t be achieved by AI just a few years ago. Each sample also maintains a clear tone of voice, natural cadence, and strong word choice. Outside of these examples, Article Forge has successfully passed the Turing test, only further affirming its quality.

Beyond these samples, however, evidence of AI’s writing skills is already abundant, whether or not the average consumer recognizes it. As of 2021, major outlets like The New York Times, The Guardian, Forbes, and more have already added writing bots to their teams and published AI-written content for their audiences to read. Beyond any single comparison, the choice for major organizations to embrace writing bots provides tangible evidence of their quality. Because of their growing popularity and consistently improving quality, the evidence is clear: writing bots can produce quality, readable content.

Like most things, the quality of content produced by writing bots is diverse and often impacted by multiple factors. The type of solution used, the user experience, and the chosen topic could all impact the quality of an individual piece of content. Like with most other tools, users will have the best experience when coupled with the appropriate solution. Click here to learn about which AI writing tool is best for you.

Did you know: Many news stories are written by a bot

You might not believe it, but many prominent news outlets have been using AI for years and that trend will only continue. Using content that has been written by a bot is now a widely used tactic for media companies to compete for more niche interests. This is largely in fact due to the consistent scale a writer bot can offer. 

By that we mean AI generated content is significantly more efficient - it can enable large media organisations to reallocate staff responsibilities. For example, taking someone who writes minor sports coverage reports and enabling them to conduct first hand industry research such as interviews.

Additionally, the AP launched a project last year to expand the use of AI in local newsrooms - the reason for this is “long term business sustainability”. Changing the way that journalism operates is a revolutionary development, but content that is written by a bot has not yet reached a point of technological maturity. But, within the next few years it will. 

We expect to witness a large-scale transformation of journalism and content creation across the board. However, it will be the organizations and individuals that are ahead of the curve who will reap the most significant benefits of bot-generated content.

Will bots writing articles be commonplace? 

10 years ago the thought of bots writing articles would have sounded ludicrous, but now that is not the case. True AI writers are now capable of writing entire articles automatically with essentially zero human involvement. 

Machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) are currently in a stage of innovation. That’s really exciting, not just because it means some of the most fascinating technologies are being heavily invested in and deeply researched, though.

Innovation is arguably just the beginning - a point in time where momentum is only just starting to gather. Think about when the first iPhone was released, it was unique, it was functional, and it was simply revolutionary. However, fast forward to now, we look at the old iPhones as archaic devices that have since developed into something technologically extraordinary.

BUT, it was the people who deeply trusted the technology and invested their money, time, and energy have seen the most impressive ROI. In the same way, the idea of having bots writing articles may seem strange now, but soon it won’t, and it will be the people who believed and trusted in the innovation stage who will be most prepared.

As we have explained, automatically generated bot content is not breaking news. Some of the most prominent news outlets worldwide heavily use AI, especially “bot writers.” Take Yahoo! Sport. They can publish so many additional articles thanks to AI. 

Not only that, but bots writing articles in this context are also much more data-driven (fixtures, results, player stats, match attendance, and comparisons). Simply, the AI will receive the information from trustworthy sources and be able to generate content based on that. It’s far less time-consuming, more efficient, and less prone to human error than having an unmotivated staff member who is manually writing huge amounts of this low-level content each week.

Does a comprehensive writer bot exist?

AI writing tools are getting more popular, that’s for sure. However, they primarily exist as AI writing assistants. These tools can help readers beat writer’s block, generate landing page copy, rephrase your content, or even write a few sentences with some prompting.

This can be effective for someone with small content needs. However, we all know that content is king. Having more content than your competitors without sacrificing quality can be a massive differentiator. That’s why people turn to AI writers, otherwise known as an automated writer bot. 

Article Forge is a true AI writer because it offers the exact deliverables of a human writer. Article Forge generates content based on keywords and intent. 

Article Forge, unlike almost all other AI writing tools, is actually built on its own machine learning technologies. We have a team of in-house developers and engineers constantly designing, building, and improving Article Forge. This is why Article Forge is so different from the competition. 

Our AI was only ever designed to generate content automatically. In other words, it’s very niche and very specialist. Article Forge isn’t about catering to everyone but creating a powerful writer bot capable of generating long-form articles.

Why AI Generated Content Is SEO Optimized

So you may well now be thinking. Okay, I see a lot of potential in using a writer bot, but how will this work for me as a blogger or content manager? I NEED to rank on Google.

Well, the good news is that some AI content is already optimized for search. Using a writer bot like Article Forge doesn’t limit you from ranking well on Google. It makes it easier. That’s because Article Forge uses the same AI frameworks to determine what content is relevant to write about that search engines use to decide what to rank.

What does this include? Well, before writing a single word, Article Forge researches each keyword to understand what information may be relevant to include (and what information is not). It is able to deeply analyze significant amounts of information in a way impossible for a human. The AI then uses this information to write a completely unique, relevant, and accurate article that is naturally SEO friendly.

In the same way, we are not trying to sell you a pipe dream. Ranking on Google is hard, and using a writer bot isn’t going to magically change that. If you have a new website, it will be very difficult to compete with high competition terms and established sites. But with AI-generated content, you will also reap the benefit of scale. 

That means that you can target more longer tail keywords with less competition. Eventhough each keyword will have less search volume, all the terms will combine to a significant amount of traffic.

To put this as simply as possible: you will write less, but produce more content, and increase traffic. The number of leads you get will increase and, therefore, the number of sales you make.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s not. Obviously, creating content with an AI writer isn’t 100% passive. You will still have to perform keyword research and understand search intent. However, as far as things go, generating content with a writer bot is accessible to all, affordable, and a solid strategy.

You can try Article Forge free for 5 days. No commitments. Try it; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Risks Of An Essay Writer Bot?

Given everything we have just covered in relation to how good content bots can be, you might be wondering about the risks of cheating.

Technically AI writing tools could be used for nefarious purposes in an academic setting. However, the point of writing essays in this environment is to develop the writer's ability to draw insight from the subject matter and often persuade the reader of their analysis and opinions. 

Furthermore, academic writing needs to demonstrate high-quality research and referencing - this is necessary to demonstrate objectivity. Article Forge content is intended for blog posts and press releases, not academic papers.

While essay writing also involves synthesizing information, the deeper analysis is what matters most when grading. Therefore, if a student was to use an essay writer bot, they would likely get a pretty poor grade because these bots are meant to write ambivalently to describe different aspects of the keyword entered. Put simply, Article Forge is not an essay writer bot and no such technology currently exists that is capable of creating high quality academic papers.

Another risk that you may be worried about is plagiarism. Some AI writing tools do work by scrapping and spinning content from other websites. However, this is not how Article Forge works, we guarantee 100% original content that will pass Copyscape. Article Forge will take inspiration from other articles on the topic, however, it will always use a huge range of different sources. 

Our articles always take a unique angle on a topic while still covering the major themes you would expect. Depending on your content needs you can always generate an article with Article Forge and then spend a few minutes manually adding your own brand voice to the content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can AI Write Blogs?

AI content generators use predictive modeling and natural learning generators to automatically create written content. Along with a blog post, AI can be used to generate articles, headlines, and more.

What Is An AI Content Generator?

AI content generators create content with the help of artificially intelligent software. Typically, these engines use predictive modeling and natural language generators to automatically write copies of varying lengths. The best AI writer can produce natural-sounding, engaging content in seconds. This content is also search engine friendly.

Whether for headlines, data-driven narratives, press releases, blog posts, or long-form pieces, AI writing has become a useful tool in the content creation process.

Is AI Writing Free?

AI writing generators range in price, but there are currently free solutions on the market. Normally, these versions have limited capabilities but can be upgraded with a paid purchase and subscription. A free trial is also typically available.

Is This AI Writing Software Legit To Use?

Utilizing AI writers is not only legitimate but gradually becoming more common within the industry. Just like how word processors changed the way people wrote, so too do AI content generators now.

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