Historically, producing content has been one of the most time-consuming parts of any digital marketing strategy. However, Article Forge is on a mission to change this. Our team of machine learning engineers has made massive strides in producing accurate, relevant, useful text, making Article Forge one of the most comprehensive AI content generation tools on the market.

Put simply, Article Forge is an AI article writer. This is different from the other AI writing tools out there, which are better described as AI writing assistants. These other tools like Jasper, WriteSonic, and Grammarly can do things like generate paragraphs from a prompt, create outlines, and suggest edits for style, clarity, and grammatical errors. But most distinctly, they require human interaction at every step of the way in order to work. 

Article Forge, on the other hand, actually researches, plans out, and writes entire articles from just a keyword input. It can replace the manual writing process by automating the production of simple, SEO-friendly long form content like articles or blog posts. 

This article discusses how Article Forge’s powerful automation potential can be harnessed to save precious time for businesses and content professionals.


AI content generation decreases time spent at every stage of the content production process

Even before the actual writing begins, Article Forge saves users the time and trouble of hiring writers in the first place. This process can be long and arduous, oftentimes requiring in-depth vetting before work can begin. And even then, there’s no guarantee that the resulting content will be up to par. 

Article Forge lets you bypass this whole exercise and is a much more consistent, predictable, and efficient writing partner overall.

Active vs passive time spent producing content

Within any content production process, content managers must spend both active and passive time to get articles to a publishable state. 

Active time is the effort required to strategize and plan out articles, direct writers, and revise content to get it to a publishable state. 

On the other hand, passive time does not require direct effort from the content manager, but it does impact the overall content turnaround time and publishing schedule. 

Using Article Forge’s AI content generator impacts both active and passive time spent producing articles. 

Saving active time: how AI content generation decreases the effort required to create full articles

First, Article Forge can automatically plan out the entire structure of 1,500+ word articles. To do this, Article Forge researches the given keyword to understand what type of content is already ranking and what information is relevant before it even starts writing. Then it creates an entire outline for the article from start to finish to make sure it flows naturally and does not repeat the same ideas over and over. 

This saves large amounts of the active time needed to plan out the structure of each article. And, Article Forge only requires a single keyword (and optionally simple section headings) to create an entire article, so there is virtually no effort required to “direct” the AI writer.

Saving passive time: how AI content generation decreases the turnaround time for publishing articles

Put simply, Article Forge takes about a minute to generate each full article. This is a massive improvement over the hours, days or even weeks it can take a writer to deliver a first draft. 

Beyond this, freelancers are often dividing their time between many things which can make them unpredictable and put your deadlines at risk. The beauty of using AI to generate articles is that no matter what time of day or night, you can produce a full article with the click of a button. 

More importantly, once you get an article from Article Forge, you can easily publish it as is or tweak it to fit your exact needs. And in the worst case, if you decide you don’t like an article, the cost is simply creating one or even a few more articles in a matter of minutes. I don’t have to tell you how much easier that is than asking any human to start over from scratch.  

In the end, different people have different needs and expectations for their content production. While Article Forge’s content will be good enough as is for some of them, others might use the content as a first draft that can be edited and expanded. In either case, Article Forge offers a huge advantage over traditional methods.

Whose time can AI save and how?

Simply, Article Forge can save time for anyone looking to produce SEO content. However, there are a few types of people that are especially primed to benefit from AI content generation.

SEO Content Managers

Above, we discussed the active and passive time that content managers need to source writers and produce content. Before even reaching the writing process, Article Forge eliminates the need to find, vet, and hire freelance writers. And, when it comes to writing content, Article Forge is orders of magnitude faster than even the most talented human writer. 

An AI writer like Article Forge is the perfect tool for SEO content managers, this is because it provides the perfect opportunity to increase content production at a previously unimaginable scale. Additionally, it minimizes dependence on people e.g. freelancers and staff writers. Ultimately, this is a good thing because relying on human writers is extremely dangerous - people get sick, they take on too many responsibilities, they are unresponsive etc.

Using AI mitigates this risk, it assures that a consistent stream of content can be maintained in all circumstances. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a place for humans in content driven businesses, it just means that AI can be used to replace the most manual and time-consuming tasks (writing).

How can a content manager use AI? 

Good news, there are lots of ways in which an SEO content Manager can utilize AI to scale their content output.  Perhaps the simplest and most actionable way that you can get started content faster on the topics that you have already identified as good fits for your business.

Secondly, content managers can create content clusters, this is where a business creates content that is related to a topic you have already covered . For example, suppose you have already created an article about “best things to do in London” you could continue this theme by using AI to generate supporting content, such as “best things to do in Paris”, “best things to do in Milan”, “best things to do in Rome” etc…

Usually, doing this would take a long time, however, when you're using AI content generation it couldn’t be any easier. With just 1 minutes work, you will be able to automatically generate 4 unique articles related to your primary article. As a result, Google will begin to see you as a topical authority and you will be rewarded in the search rankings.

Small businesses

If you’re a small business owner who, by default, has to run content production alongside all other aspects of your business, Article Forge can be a game changer for you. It lets you spend drastically less time worrying about content management so you can focus on running the rest of the business. 

Small businesses can use AI content generation in order to make the content production process more passive. If you’re wondering why this would be a good idea for a small business the answer is time. Time spent writing content (that often never gets read) is time-consuming and demoralizing. Instead, businesses should shift their focus to brand building. 

Written content can help you to build a brand, however, people are more likely to feel connected and associated with your brand if they trust you and content isn’t the best way to build trust (at least not in the beginning). Because of this small businesses may want to shift their efforts to social media or YouTube while they are in the initial stages of building an authoritative brand.

How can a small business use AI?

With that said, written content is still a very powerful way to build authority and increase your income, so it should NOT be neglected. However, with AI content generation you can continue to expand your content production in a much cheaper and more efficient way. Additionally, small businesses can spend their time building backlinks to their content, this is another ideal way to send trust signals about your content to Google.

Content writers

If you are a content writer, you might fear or deny Article Forge’s ability to replace the manual writing process. However, Article Forge is an incredible opportunity for you to take your writing business to the next level. Specifically, you can use Article Forge to automate some of your more straightforward “day job” work so you can focus on writing about the things you care about. As mentioned above, even if you don’t want to turn the process over to Article Forge entirely, it can still be helpful for brainstorming and overcoming writer’s block by providing a first draft to work with and take inspiration from. 

Content writers also stand to gain massively from AI content generation. Although this might sound confusing based on what we have just said, content writers will be able to frequently use AI when working with clients.

Many companies and bloggers are not yet aware just how powerful AI content generation is. Most likely, they are aware of a few reputable AI writing assistants, but have not yet experienced the transformative powers of a true AI writer, like Article Forge.

How can a freelance writer use AI?

As a freelancer using an AI writer to assist with generating content is a great idea. Put simply, it will allow you to quickly expand existing content, brainstorm ideas, use existing content as an outline, and ultimately generate more content in less time for more clients.
We don’t need to tell you that this will lead to you being able to quickly scale up your income. Suppose you earn $150 per 1,500 word article and are able to produce an extra 4 articles a month using AI content generation, then that’s a whopping extra $600 per month!

For more information, read about how article generation AI can benefit your content pipeline

How Much Time Can I Save Using AI to write articles?

Saving time and creating content more efficiently is the most talked about benefit associated with AI content generation, but that’s for good reason.

Without AI it can take hours to produce just one blog post. Think about it, perhaps you are creating a blog post for your own website, or maybe even a guest post for a high-authority website in your niche, you can’t just quickly write one of these posts and expect it to rank well or for it to be accepted by another website. 

In other words you need to maintain high content quality standards. This means performing solid keyword research, researching your topic diligently, writing compelling content, and optimizing it for organic search. A true AI writer is able to do all of this (except keyword research) in just a couple of minutes.

Article Forge is an AI content generator that is able to create 1,500+ word blog posts with less than 15 seconds of human involvement. Simply pick a keyword, enter it into the Article Forge interface, and the AI will create a unique, SEO-optimized article that ranks as well as content written by a freelancer.    

Bear in mind that not all AI writing tools are able to save you as much time as a true AI writer. For example, AI writing assistants are capable of producing automatically generated content on a much smaller scale. These tools are brilliant for creating compelling ad copy and content for landing pages, but they are not able to generate entire blog posts like a true AI writer.

Even still, these tools are able to create content with prompting and generally speed up the content creation process. However, if you want to take an automated approach to content production and save hours every week you will need to use a true AI writer.

AI Writing Can Also Help You Save Money

Now that you understand how much time you can save by using AI you might be tempted to start using an AI content generation tool immediately, on the other hand, you might not yet be convinced by the power of AI.

Well, either way, don’t worry. There are tons of other (often underrated) benefits that come directly from using AI content generation tools.

Firstly, tools like Article Forge can ultimately save you a lot of money. Every SEO and content manager worth their salt knows the importance of producing A LOT of content - that’s because SEO is a numbers game, the more articles you produce, the more keywords you rank for. This directly leads to getting more traffic and earning more money.

However, you are limited in the sense you are one human being with various life, career, and personal commitments. Once you have realized this you are likely to come to the conclusion that you need to outsource your content production. Whether you are planning to hire in-house staff or freelance writers you need to be aware that this can get really expensive.

To put this into numbers you will need an extra 2-3 articles every week (even when you’re on vacation). Over a year this will be at least 100-150 articles. Each article will likely cost you somewhere between $50 and $250 - let’s call it $100.

At the very minimum content for one year is going to cost you $10,000, on the other hand, using an AI writer will cost you less than one-tenth of that and will be able to deliver exactly the same results.

How to use Article Forge

For such a versatile, widely applicable tool, Article Forge is easy and straightforward to use. 

The easiest way to use Article Forge is to just enter your keyword and let the article generator do all the work. Unlike other AI writers, Article Forge researches, plans out, and writes each article from start to finish to give you the highest quality, most fluent content.

Additionally, if you have a more specific goal for your article, you can enter the exact section headings you want Article Forge to write about. This method will still only take about 15 seconds of effort and will deliver a full long form article about any topic you choose. 

That said, there are few best practices to keep in mind that will help you create the best quality articles about any topic:

First, you need to make your intent clear in your main keyword. This helps Article Forge know what you want the article to be about beyond just a general description.

For example, if you’re writing an article about mattresses, you should tell Article Forge what about mattresses it should be writing:

Bad main keyword (no intent): Mattress
Good main keyword: What type of mattress should I buy?
Good main keyword: What to look for in a mattress
Good main keyword: Best mattress for back pain

Next, if you choose to enter section headings, you need to make sure that they are simple examples or instances of your main keyword:

Main keyword: What to do in New York City

Bad section heading (not example of "what to do"): High cost of living
Bad section heading (can be simplified): Times Square is a place in New York City
Good section headings: Times Square; Central Park; The MET; The Guggenheim Museum; The Empire State Building; Hudson Yards

Build a Content Strategy With Article Forge

Article Forge isn’t merely a solution to help you produce individual articles in significantly less time. Article Forge can literally allow you to build out (and be at the center of) an entire SEO content strategy.

The ingredients of a solid content strategy begins with keyword research. Article Forge isn’t going to tell you exactly what keywords you choose, however, we have created a unique series of articles that walk you through exactly how to find keywords and create content for free.

Once you have identified some keywords you want to create content for the rest of the content creation process becomes far easier. When it comes to choosing keywords you should keep this rule in mind - half of your keywords should be purely informational and the other half of your keywords should be high-intent.

Informational keywords often receive a high number of clicks and primarily make money through ad revenue. These keywords typically include phrases like “what is” and “how to”. On the other hand, high-intent keywords make money primarily through product sales and affiliate commissions. These keywords often include phrases like “best”, “vs”, and “review”. 

Having an even split of both is ideal, on one hand it allows you to develop topical authority by providing valuable information for free and on the other hand you are still able to generate a solid income through your content.

Another good way to use AI content generation as an effective part of your SEO content strategy is by planning content clusters. This is where you create lots of interconnected articles on a similar topic, you will typically also have a pillar post that the other supporting posts all link to.

For example, let's say you have a detailed post about the “10 best business ideas” and in that post you mention running a bakery, operating vending machines, and a coffee shop. 

You would then create separate articles on each of those topics that link back to the original article e.g. “how to start a vending machine business”.

Creating content clusters like this is an excellent way to build content that is connected and relevant, as a result you will be able to establish authority through your content. 

Using AI content generation enables you to create this content much faster and allow you to focus your time and money elsewhere. For example, you could start working with a client, or start developing an app. AI content generation allows you to maintain an impressive content output without sacrificing other areas of your business.

Allowing AI to take the driving seat in your content strategy won’t restrict you from ranking content well on Google and experiencing organic growth. AI content generation will simply ensure that you are able to maintain a consistent content output, while growing other areas of your business.

Check out our AI content generation best practices for more tips on how to get the most out of Article Forge!

If you follow these simple guidelines, you will be able to use Article Forge to save yourself hours of work without sacrificing quality or relevancy. 

Happy Forging!

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