Article generation AI refers to the machine learning models that power tools like Article Forge. More specifically, Article Forge is an AI article writer that uses machine learning models to create entire long form pieces of content, like articles or blog posts with the click of a button. 

It is important to understand that article generation AI is different from other AI text generation tools like Jasper and Wordtune. These, and most other AI-powered writing tools on the market are AI writing assistants, and do not create fully formed articles as their primary output. Assistants can help you with your writing, whereas Article Forge does the writing for you. 

As such, while almost anyone can save massive amounts of time and money with this technology, the following people stand to gain the most from using AI to write articles:

Whether you are a content manager or a small business owner, you will benefit from producing long form content like articles or blog posts faster and more cost efficiently. This is Article Forge’s bread and butter, and it’s what makes it such a widely useful tool.

Article Forge is a natural at producing SEO-friendly content

Most SEO strategies involve finding good keywords to target, and Article Forge turns keywords into full, high-quality articles automatically. 

All you have to do is enter a keyword and, optionally, your own section headings to tell Article Forge what to write about. Then, with a single click, Article Forge researches and analyzes your keyword to understand what information is already ranking and what will be relevant to your article. It then uses that research to automatically plan out and write an entire long form article about your keyword from scratch

Article Forge content is automatically optimized for Search because the technology it uses to determine the relevancy of information is the same machine learning technology Google uses to determine which web pages are relevant to any given search term. 

Beyond just producing SEO friendly content, Article Forge also improves your overall SEO by helping you scale your content production operation. The sheer speed and ease of use that Article Forge offers lets you produce significantly more content than with traditional methods. Producing a greater depth of content signals to Google that your site is an authority, which is known to help you appear higher in search results. 

Article Forge is great for people looking to increase their online presence

By automating the content writing process, Article Forge makes it much easier for anyone with a website to reach more people and increase traffic. That is obviously a large group of people - anyone interested in article generation AI is probably looking to increase their online presence by producing content.

That is to say, if you’re reading this article, you will be able to make use of Article Forge in some significant way. 

Still, a few groups are positioned to benefit the most from using Article Forge. If you fall into one of the following categories, Article Forge has the potential to drastically improve your content production workflow:

Content and SEO managers

If you are a marketing strategist that generally outsources content writing to freelancers or contractors, Article Forge will dramatically reduce turnaround times and improve profitability. 

First and foremost, Article Forge can write entire long form articles about any topic in about a minute. Even the best writers will take a minimum of 4 hours to deliver a first draft and that doesn’t even begin to include the time needed to find, vet, hire, and coordinate with each writer. By “hiring” Article Forge once, you will drastically cut article turnaround times and, perhaps more importantly, have more time and energy to focus on higher level strategy. 

Not only does Article Forge cut turnaround time, it lets you bypass the many drawbacks of using freelancers. Even the most expensive and professional freelance writers are still human - they can be inconsistent and unreliable, especially if they are juggling multiple projects and clients at the same time. But Article Forge will give you the same quality content in the same amount of time, every time. 

Finally, Article Forge allows you to scale content production much more efficiently than traditional methods. Instead of needing to double your writers to double your content production, you simply need to double the keywords you give to Article Forge. And by using features like the Bulk Article Generator, you can enter all your keywords at once and let Article Forge write in the background while you work on other parts of your strategy.

There is simply no more efficient way to produce content at scale.

Small, one-person SEO agencies

If you operate alone as a licensed business providing SEO services, you can probably relate to everything a content manager has to deal with on top of your other services. Scaling an SEO agency while writing content manually is simply not an option. And managing freelance writers for multiple clients can easily be a full time job. 

Using Article Forge to produce content lets you cut out the time and energy required to manage the writers you would need to produce enough content for your clients. In addition, Article Forge is significantly cheaper than freelance writers which automatically improves profitability and makes it easier to offer competitive pricing to new clients. 

As mentioned above, Article Forge makes scaling content production as easy as entering more keywords. And by using the Bulk Article Generator, you can put content production on autopilot as you focus on building other parts of your agency and taking on more clients. 

When it comes to growing your SEO agency without adding management burden, Article Forge is the obvious answer.

Small business owners

If you own a small business you could probably greatly benefit from having a robust content marketing strategy in place. Unfortunately, you’re probably concerned with just about every other aspect of the business and often don't have the resources or people power to head up a content marketing function. 

Article Forge lowers the barrier of entry to content marketing because it is such a fast and cost effective way for anyone to produce content. 

Perhaps most importantly for any small business owner, Article Forge is designed to naturally write content optimized for Search, so you don’t need to be an SEO expert yourself to get your small business’s content in front of people. 

Writers who sell content to make money

Article Forge isn’t just for higher-level content strategists - it can also help the boots-on-the-ground writers to increase and streamline their content production. 

If you make your living as a content writer, you will often have to take on work that you find boring and will have to write about things that you have no interest in. Article Forge will help you crank out the content you need to write more quickly so you can focus on writing the content you want to write. 

And, unlike using AI writing assistants that can be tedious, inaccurate, and complicated, Article Forge provides full length, accurate articles with a single click.

Article generation AI is shaping up to be a game changing solution to problems that just about every modern professional will encounter. Anyone who hopes to increase their reach through online content can benefit greatly from the time and cost saving benefits of using Article Forge.

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