AI text generators are a fairly new advancement in technology which offers bloggers, content managers, and even journalists an entirely new way to create content. AI content tools are even being described as a revolutionary advancement for content creation and SEO. This isn’t surprising given that AI text generators are having a momentous impact on the content industry.

For one, AI has reframed the way that media companies and publishers are thinking about content creation. The Knight Foundation even started an initiative to help “scale local news organizations' internal capacity to leverage AI” in an effort to help level the playing field between large enterprises and smaller businesses.. 

The use cases for AI in content creation are not limited to media publications. As a blogger or content manager, you are probably already using, or at least are familiar with many AI writing tools.

From grammar and vocabulary recommendations in Grammarly to relevant keyword recommendations in SurferSEO, AI is improving efficiency across the entire content production industry.

We are now at a point where AI text generators have become a genuinely viable option for content creators. At the high end of efficiency, one-click content generation is now a reality and is made possible by AI research companies like Article Forge. 

Article Forge makes automatically generating entire articles accessible and affordable for everyone. It’s a solution that can research, plan out, and write entire articles for you with just a keyword input. You can even use this to automate large parts of the content production process for your own website.

In other words, the AI solution is helping democratize content production by helping smaller businesses compete with larger companies and publications without requiring the same investments. 

So, without further delay, we will now look at some of the ways in which AI text generators can impact your content output and explain why AI text generators are transforming the content industry.

Benefits of AI Text Generators

First and foremost, an AI text generator enables you to produce content for your website effortlessly. Naturally, this will have many hugely positive impacts on your business. Primarily, using an AI writer helps you:

  • Save time
  • Spend less on content production
  • Increase your content output
  • Rank for more keywords
  • Receive more traffic
  • Earn more money

Now, we will look at each of these impacts in a bit more detail to show you exactly why AI text generators have had such a large impact on the entire content industry.

Save Time 

Research from Orbit Media determined that the average blog post takes approximately 4 hours to write and is 1,416 words. Other research suggests that a website aiming to attain results from organic search should be publishing between 3 and 5 posts each week. In practice, both of these estimates are conservative and would be difficult to achieve consistently. 

Given that, let’s break down the time it would take to consistently publish 3 - 5 posts per week.

Writing your own content

Let’s say you are aiming to publish 3 new posts each week, according to Orbit Media’s estimates that will take you 12 hours, 20 if you plan to publish 5 posts. That may not sound like a lot, but that is 30% to 50% of a 40-hour work week, every week.

Hiring Freelancers

Hiring freelancers to write content for you is a strategy that bloggers and content managers have relied upon heavily over the past decade. In one sense, it outsources the content creation process (which saves time). However, people often forget that finding, vetting, managing, and generally dealing with freelancers can be heavily time-consuming and irritating.

For every post you assign a freelance writer, you will have to provide careful guidance on the overall outline and goals for the post. Additionally, once you receive the content you will likely need to make a significant amount of edits and improvements before publishing. Realistically, outsourcing content to freelancers does save time, but NOT enough time to rapidly scale your content production output.

AI Tools

A true AI writer like Article Forge provides users with a platform to automatically generate content at scale. Instead of planning out a few posts at a time, users can generate entire articles with less than 15 seconds of work. 

Typically, a 1,500-word Article Forge post can be generated automatically in just a few minutes. This content is entirely unique and ready to be published immediately. Some of our users will spend 30 minutes or so editing and perfecting their articles before publishing. However, as you will know, that means a huge amount of time is saved with every post.

Saving time is the best way to get ahead with your SEO content strategy. If you are able to reinvest this time into building industry connections, authoritative backlinks, and perhaps even video content your business will be able to gain authority much more efficiently.


If you think that creating content manually is achievable for you, given your current workload, that’s great. However, many SEOs suggest that you should also spend approximately half your time building links and promoting your content through other channels. Suppose you want to devote half your time to these off-page components of content creation without sacrificing your content output you will now need to devote almost all your time to SEO.

Additionally, you might want to spend time creating content on other platforms like YouTube or Twitter, make UX improvements to your website, or perhaps build a strong email list or community. All of these components are crucial to the long-term success of your brand and website. Therefore, it is critical to save time where you can to give you more opportunities to expand other parts of your business.

Increase Your Content Output

Maintaining a consistent publishing schedule is hugely important to devoted readers and, perhaps more importantly, search engines. This is because consistently adding new content to your website signals to search engines that your content is up-to-date. Naturally, this helps to build credibility, which is more important than ever following Google’s E-A-T and helpful content updates.

Unfortunately, increasing your content output is no easy task due to the time limitations we all have. Therefore, you only really have three solutions. One is a bad idea, the second has limitations, and the third is what we recommend doing.

So we have already outlined the three ways in which you can produce content - writing it yourself, hiring freelancers and using AI.

Outsourcing your content production to freelancers will allow you to free up some of your time. However, hiring freelancers can get expensive really quickly, and it still consumes a lot of time (hiring, managing, and vetting freelancers, not to mention all the time editing and publishing content) so it’s definitely NOT the optimal solution.

We recommend utilizing an AI text generator to create content at scale. This is the most effective way to increase your content output as you can focus entirely on identifying profitable keywords and let the physical creation of content take care of itself.

Finding a way to make your content creation scalable and repeatable allows you to ensure that you're consistently growing your content production pipeline. Put simply, amplifying your content output with AI will significantly improve your content coverage and the odds of creating high-traffic, high-income articles.

AI is changing the way that content is produced across the entire industry, you need AI in order to maintain the content output that will help you get ahead of your competition.

Rank for more keywords and increase traffic

An Ahref's study found that top-ranking content between 1k-2k words ranks for an average of 196 keywords per blog post. Focusing on one keyword per post is absolutely what you should do. However, a by-product of creating useful content is ranking for a wide range of related search queries.

As a result, you will receive more clicks to your articles and more traffic. 

One way to rank for more keywords is to create content that is informational. You should always aim to provide helpful content, an excellent way to do this is by answering frequently asked questions.

We recommend adding at least 3 questions for each article. 

This helps you:

  • Satisfy more readers 
  • Rank for more keywords 
  • Win featured snippets 
  • increase traffic to your website 

By using an AI text generator, such as Article Forge, you can generate answers automatically for an unlimited number of questions. 

This will take less than 15 seconds of work when you use an AI text generator with bulk functionality and it can have massively positive effects in terms of your ranking position on the results page.

In turn, you will continue to get more traffic to your articles. 

Additionally, answering questions in a helpful way will show that you have credibility on a topic and aren’t just interested in creating profitable content, with Article Forge this will take you no extra time, so doing this is a no-brainer!

Earn More Money

This is probably the most attractive benefit of using an AI text generator. The good news is that using AI to create content is incredibly efficient, therefore, it should come as no surprise that an AI text generator can help you earn more money.

This is for a couple of reasons:

Increased Ad Revenue

Firstly, as we discussed, using an AI text generator will enable you to produce lots of informational and helpful content that entices your readers. Subsequently, your blog posts will receive more traffic and readers will stay on your website longer. In turn, this will have a direct positive effect on the ad revenue that you earn from your website.

Earn Affiliate Commissions

Secondly, automatically generating content with an AI text generator will allow you to create a broader range of high-commercial intent articles. Essentially you will be targeting a lot of keywords that include phrases like “best”, “vs”, “cheap”, and “review”. These keywords signal strong buyer intent, this is where the person searching for the article is already sold on the idea of buying the product or service.

For example, someone who searches for “best laptops” is very likely to buy a laptop, while someone searching “cheap email marketing software” is looking to purchase affordable email marketing software. With AI, you can generate these articles very quickly, allowing you to rank for more of these commercial keywords, receive more traffic to these articles, and get more clicks and commissions via the affiliate links you place in the articles.

Is an AI Text Generator a completely automated solution?

Yes, a true AI writer like Article Forge completely automates content creation. By our definition of automating content production, any tool that can generate an entire unique blog post with a single click is a completely automated solution.

However, that doesn’t mean that there are no manual elements to creating content with a tool like Article Forge. 

Firstly and most importantly, keyword research - choosing the best keywords on the suitable topics is half the battle.

You should create half of your content on informational keywords, and the other half of your content should be on high-intent commercial keywords. This will allow you to strike the perfect balance between increasing your credibility and making money.

Secondly, once you generate your content, you may want to lightly edit it to fit your brand voice and content needs. This could be done by adding elements of storytelling or building internal links between your different articles. Fortunately, Article Forge writes accurate, relevant, organized content that is well-optimized for SEO as is. So you don’t need to spend time restructuring and adding extra keywords to your articles.

Wrap Up

Overall, an AI text generator will help you save time, increase your content output, rank for more keywords, get more traffic, and ultimately earn more money. Having a content strategy in place is extremely important, but being able to execute it effectively is what will drive results.

AI solutions like Article Forge are rapidly impacting the ways in which content is produced, using an AI text generator will allow you to deliver your content strategy consistently so that you won’t need to worry about taking time off or hiring freelancers to help deliver your content pipeline.

Happy Forging!

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